Mar 16, 2016

Xbox Elite Controller Isn't Expensive


Xbox Elite Controller

The xbox elite controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC was unveiled at e3 2015 by Microsoft.

The elite controller is priced at $150 dollars and while many would argue, the price is justified and the controller is not expensive for what it has to offer.

There are some added features over the traditional controller.


The Elite Features

Picture courtesy gizmag

The Xbox elite controller offers a rubberized diamond grip which makes sure you don’t drop the controller quite often. Moreover, you can remove/switch the analog sticks if they wear off or simply you want to use a convex design.

There are two versions of the D-Pad which are also changeable depending on what type of game you are playing. You also have four triggers on the back which can be used to perform strange combo moves without moving your hands to much.

There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack which allows which you can use to keep the game audio to yourself.


The Other Alternates

For those of you who think that the Xbox elite controller is expensive have probably never heard of other custom controllers for the Xbox One. Custom controllers are mostly used by enthusiasts or people competing in competitions. The best example would be of Scuf custom xbox one controllers.

Scuf offered extra triggers on the back with many other options like your preferred type of analog stick, custom paints and textures. They are all priced ranging in $120 – 160 and obviously they have their own unique market.

Microsoft has tried to target this specific market of people who are willing to spend an extra buck for a custom controller. According to scuf many gaming clubs are currently using their custom controllers so just think of how many people Microsoft can target.

I also read somewhere, a hands on review by a previous scuf controller user, who claimed that the Xbox elite controller was a more solid build and felt better than the “other custom controllers” out there.



Hence, you can not call the xbox elite controller expensive. The price is justified for what it has to offer and probably I will be getting one for my PC. The original xbox one controller is good enough but the xbox elite controller is just something an enthusiast would like to own.

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