Mar 16, 2016

XBook One for $1500 (Xbox One Laptop)


Xbox One Gaming Laptop (The Xbook One)

Before starting off, let me tell you guys that XBook One is not an official product by Microsoft; instead it has been made by a self-taught engineer name Ed Zarick. He is basically a firefighter who loves to do different projects in his spare time. Recently, he decided to make an Xbox One laptop, which he named the ‘XBook One’. It is a portable gaming rig with the screen, speakers and everything built in. You just plug in one cable to the outlet and start gaming. It’s basically like an Xbox Gaming laptop!


xbox one


How he made it?

The first thing he had to make is the casing for the whole system. Now , he wanted it to be as compact as possible so, he had to open apart the Xbox One so that he can get rid of the original casing which is too bulky.

The case for the XBook one was 3d printed by him (which I can think took a lot of patience) He then put the inside components of the Xbox One in the new casing as he wanted, and fitted the LED display. All power and cable management was done inside the casing so no cables are left outside.

All controls are on the front side, including the on/off button, the volume controls, etc.


Selling for $1500             

I know it costs a lot but the guy doesn’t have a factory to convert the Xbox One to the XBook, so he has to make every single machine that you order by himself. That’s the reason he is asking for $1500 for an XBook. If you provide your own Xbox, the price for the build is $1095.

The device itself is pretty cool, as you can easily take it anywhere with you and play your favorite Xbox games wherever there is an outlet to plug in the XBook One. I would have definitely got one if I had the money. By the way, make sure you check out this guy’s website to know about this in more detail:



So, would you buy this $1500 XBook? Or, who knows Microsoft or PlayStation actually builds a similar device in the future which costs a lot cheaper. Would you buy it then?

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