Mar 16, 2016

Windows 9 - Official Leaks & Analysis

windows 9

Windows 9

Microsoft is now working on its new OS which is due release later in 2015. Whether if it will be called Windows 9 or not is uncertain but since there is no word on it, I followed the convention like everyone else to call it Windows 9. Developers at Microsoft codename it “Threshold“. In 2012 Microsoft released Windows 8 and later in 2013 Windows 8.1 to address the issues of Windows 8. However, Microsoft was still not able to get as much sales from Windows 8 as it did from Windows 7.

One of the highest point of criticism for Windows 8/8.1 was the loss of the beloved ‘Start Menu’. I myself use Windows 8.1 and even though I like the new interface, there are times I really feel a need for the old fashioned ‘Start Menu’. Luckily we were able to get the old menu back through a third party software, check the review to know more about it.


Official Leak

Microsoft made a smart move and has planned to bring the old ‘Start Menu’ back officially with Windows 9. Here is a pic of their official leak.


windows 9 start


There is more to it though. Users will now have a choice to either choose between the new start menu or keep on using the Metro UI. The picture above is not the final version of what the new start menu might look like. The final version would be more refined but the concept shall be the same. You will be able to view some of your tiles right in the start menu, these tiles can be customized to suit your liking.

When in desktop mode (like the one above), you will now be able to run the Metro apps in windowed mode floating on your desktop rather than the full screen view. To some this might be a great addition to Windows 9 but I personally preferred the Metro apps to run separate from my desktop.

In layman terms, Windows 9 will be able to recognize the hardware attached to your machine running the OS. In return it would optimize the user experience accordingly. So it will now be able to switch between desktop mode or the touch mode depending on your hardware. So if you do not have any touch input available, your experience will automatically be optimized with desktop mode. You still do get the option to change the way you use your OS (Metro Tile mode OR Desktop mode).


Will It Outsell Windows 7 ?

Microsoft sold nearly 90 million licenses for Windows 7 in its first week but was not able to do the same with Windows 8. Faster boot times and snappy performance somehow did not over weigh people’s love for Windows 7. Microsoft totally revamped Windows 8 and gave people an interface which they were not familiar with before. This led to a lot of criticism coming specially from people owning non-touch systems.

Microsoft has hence given a shot at listening to public demand and implement changes in Windows 9. Though ‘Threshold’ seems promising, in my opinion it still might not outsell Windows 7. Windows 7 was a huge jump for people coming from XP or Vista, the huge jump factor is not present here. Microsoft needs to put in more than just a revamped user interface to get public attention.

However, it should be noted that Windows 7 does not support DirectX 12. So once apps taking advantage of DirectX 12 (mostly games) show up in the market, people might make a jump from Windows 7 to Windows 9.

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