Mar 16, 2016

Windows 10 For Mobiles & Tablets

windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s next hit on its operating systems. A direct jump from 8.1 brings in a lot of new features with a unified name for all. Hence, the mobile, tablet and PC versions of the operating system will all be called Windows 10.

Though not an entire fail, windows phones have previously been the minority of smartphone users. Microsoft made huge attempts like buying Nokia and introducing cortana but all these attempts did not give a whole lot of a boost.

Finally, Windows 10 adds some cool features for its Mobile OS making it look interesting rather than boring to people like me.


Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has introduced universal apps for Windows 10. Meaning that all your devices running windows 10 will have apps available to the respected device which communicate with the other device. OneDrive integrates to save your snaps and display on any of your device without any duplicates.

The first thing that bugged a lot of us was that windows phone at first lacked the very basic of all customizations, i.e a background wallpaper. That is however no longer the case. Windows 10 for mobile allows users to change the background wallpaper and have it something other than the boring black. Though it came late, it still looks awesome.

windows 10 mobile background

Moreover, wherever you saw or heard about a windows phone, you probably heard about the use of skype with it. Same is the case with Windows 10. Skype is now integrated with the stock message app in Windows 10. You can hence manage your text, calls and skype messaging all through one place.

The action centre has little added visual changes but now all your notifications sync up with your other windows 10 devices. You hence don’t miss a thing.

My favourite and the most notable feature would be in-line notifications reply.

windows 10 floating keyboard


This feature is similar to the pop up notifications on iOS and Android except for the fact that it is more organised. You don’t have to go into the application to reply to an email or sms, instead you simply reply through the notification without any trouble. Another thing that you notice in the screenshot is a floating keyboard. This could help in phones with larger screens running windows 10 in the future.

Source: RedmondPie 

Windows 10 For Tablets

Microsoft’s “One OS For All” has really hit the tablets. The tablet version for the OS is rather a scaled down desktop version. You even get a start button like in the desktop version. Since, Microsoft introduced universal apps, integration is made easier. You hence see a more touch friendly desktop version of Windows 10 in a tablet.

Here are some pictures taken by Verge.

Windows 10 is hence Microsoft’s next big thing. It could be a turning point for their smartphone market and the fact that Microsoft is offering free upgrades to Windows 10 is a really huge step. The pre-release news all seems well in favour of Microsoft’s future.

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