Mar 16, 2016

Vertu Signature Touch - An $11,000 Smartphone

vertu signature touch

Is Vertu Signature Touch worth it?

The smartphone we’re going to talk about today is the Vertu Signature Touch, made by a company called Vertu Concierge. It’s an android phone that looks unlike any other. And, it also comes with a price tag unlike any other smartphone out there. This phone starts at around $11,000. Yeah, this is expensive then some of the people’s cars. There is no denying of the shocking price tag but you do get a hell of a phone for the money. This is obviously a device for the rich, but that’s not the point of this article. It’s rocketing the latest version of Android 4.4 and is packed with a high end quad-core processor with HD display. But what’s unique about the Vertu Signature Touch?


What’s Special?


Let’s start with the design! Forget about the plastic Galaxy S5 or, even the aluminum iPhone 5S. This beast has a body made from Titanium and is wrapped in leather (hand-crafted). You can also have it wrapped in alligator skin if you are willing to spend even more money. The screen is covered with 118 carat Sapphire Glass. Now, that’s something my phone doesn’t have and I am pretty sure that you too can’t measure your screen in carats. It certainly has an aggressive and complex design with tiny details that are eye popping. Well, why wouldn’t you expect an amazing design from an $11,000 phone?

vertu signature touch

Speakers and Camera

The speakers in the Vertu Signature Touch smartphone are provided by a high-end audio specialist, Bang & Olufsen and the camera has been certified  by HasselBlad (makers of some of the best cameras in the world).


The Red Button

There’s a red button on the top right side of the phone. Pressing it would put you in immediate contact with Vertu Concierge service that will basically do whatever you ask them to do. Wanna go to a movie? Press the red button and ask the Vertu Concierge Service to book some tickets for you. Or, are you interested in going to Mauritius for a vacation? All you have to do is press that Red button to book a private jet. Ah….I wish I was rich!



The Vertu Signature Touch phone is also able to encrypt your calls and text, so that you are always safe from those spys who are jealous of your reputation and wealth.


What do you think? 

Now, I am not here to convince you to buy a device that is thirteen times the price of a Galaxy S5. It’s all about how much you value hand-crafted, extremely luxurious and hyper premium design phones. If you want to have a look at this device in person, you have to go to Vertu Concierge’s showcase in London. Make sure you are suited up when you go there! Check out their website, for more details.

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