Mar 16, 2016

How to Use Google Maps Offline

google maps offline

Google Maps Offline

Whether you are travelling without a data plan or entering a dead zone, it’s a good idea to save Google Maps for offline access. The process is really simple and works the same for both Android and iOS. So let’s say that you are planning a trip where you know you won’t have service; follow the steps below to access Google Maps Offline for specific areas.


Setting up Offline Maps

1) First, launch Google Maps and find the map area you want to save.

2) Once you are satisfied with the area of map, tap the search bar and scroll all the way to the bottom.

3) At the very bottom you will see ‘Save map to use offline’. Tap on it and make any last minute adjustments by zooming in or out of the map to select a specific area you want to save for offline use.

4) If the area is too large, Google Maps will tell you. When you’re ready hit ‘Save’ at the bottom and give the map a name.

Within a few seconds your map will be saved on your phone for offline use. Note that you won’t be able to use Google Maps offline version to get directions or find landmarks, but you can still use it as an old paper map to find your way around the town.


How to Access your Saved Maps

If you need to access the saved map, just tap the profile icon (on the search bar) from the main screen of the Google Maps app and, scroll all the way down to ‘Offline Maps’. Here you will find all of your saved maps. Click the map to view it or tap ‘View all and manage’ to rename, delete or update any maps you have saved.

Google Mpas Offline

Offline maps have a life span of 30 days which means that they will automatically be deleted after a month. If you want to access any map for a longer period of time you have to repeat the process by saving the map again.


Why Google’s Offline Maps?

There are a lot of other apps on the Google Play Store that can provide offline maps. But, the benefit of using Google Offline maps is that you can save maps of small areas which will definitely save a lot of storage on your phone. In short, with Google Maps offline you will know exactly where you’re going even if you’re phone’s internet connection gives up.

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