Mar 16, 2016

Top 5 recommended University Apps for Android

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Make your life easier and more manageable with these 5 awesome University Apps


In the plethora of apps available in the Play Store, with most of them very similar to each other, here are our recommended ones that would undoubtedly make your college/university life much easier and enjoyable.



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Easily setup your class and exam schedules with this handy app. One of the main selling points of this app is that it automatically sets your phone into silent mode shortly before each class and syncs throughout your devices via your Google account, this way I never have to worry about setting the timetable again and again. Plus 15 minutes before each class it sends a reminder of it so chances of arriving late or missing a class is slim.



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With its clean and simple UI as its main selling point, Spendee allows easy management of your daily finances. It also gives a streamlined overview of all your expenses and transactions throughout the month. You can add pictures of receipts and bills to each entry; keeping your expenses accurate and well organized.




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Cloud storage has become the norm and is becoming cheaper by the day, and most free accounts have ample space. So why not take advantage of this? I upload all my assignments and notes on both Google Drive and Dropbox, this way I don’t have to worry about a hard drive failure or misplacing a flash drive. Also this way I’ll have access to my files both in University and home.


university apps_onenote


Currently available for free, on multiple platforms, OneNote allows you to save typed as well as handwritten notes on your device. Unlike looking for a specific equation/note from page to page on a conventional notebook or binder, OneNote’s search function makes this a whole lot easier and less time consuming.

Google Keep

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Very useful in quickly jotting down class assignments or tasks. Also automatically syncs with your Google account so you don’t have to worry about backups. Plus it comes with handy widgets; displaying all your latest added notes/tasks.




Although they are many alternatives to the apps mentioned above, but I found these to be most useful and that too without any hiccups or bugs.

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