Mar 16, 2016

Two Faced Luxury Apple Watch


Apple Watch

When you add the word “luxury” with the Apple Watch you can already assume that this is something wild. With an already big price tag on the Apple Watch, it is already more of a luxury item than a smartwatch.

A U.S watchmaker Nico Gerard has attached an Apple Watch to its luxury watch lineup right where you would expect there to be a buckle lock.


luxury apple watch


Its obvious that if you were to buy one of these you would obviously buy it because of the Apple Watch, hence, I like calling it the “Two Faced Luxury Apple Watch”.

Nico Gerrard specializes in high end luxury time pieces and adding an apple watch with its own watch gives their collection a whole new level.

Pricing and Production

There will only be a total of 88 of such watches in production. So ya, you might want to get a hold of one quickly. However, here is the pricing for it.

  • Model: Pinnacle … Price: $9,300
  • Model: Skyview Pinnacle … Price: $9,500
  • Model: Sunrise Pinnacle … Price: $1,12,000

The reason why Sunrise Pinnacle is a lot more expensive than the other models is because its made in 18 karat gold and also has a gold Apple Watch attached to it. The price is inclusive of the apple watch.

luxury apple watch


If you can afford one of these you can in fact own a stainless steel Apple Watch and be among the 88 people to be able to wear such a watch. Mind you these are super luxury watches so the price may actually be justified enough for it. It clearly is a unique idea and one that you have not seen before.

For more information you can head over to Nico Gerard’s website and browse his collection.

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