Mar 16, 2016

Three Apps To Track Expenses On Android


Track Expenses On Android

If you happen to live on a fixed salary income, you would want to track your expenses. Luckily you can track expenses on android with these great apps. Use one of them or a combination of them, its totally up to you. Recording your expenses and managing them can be one hell of a job but these apps make it easier. I will be writing a separate article for these apps on iOS.

Here are my three recommended apps to track expenses on Android.



track expenses on android


An app with a simple name but with power to something beyond simple. Don’t confuse it with Google Wallet as it is something totally different. You simply input your income and add in your daily expenses. The app would keep a track of them and synchronize data with its server. Your data can hence be shared on multiple devices which makes track keeping an ease. You can also export your reports to Excel if you like.

You can get it for free on Google Play. The free package by wallet offers two user accounts with manual synchronization to the server. To see their other packages, head over to their website.


My Budget Book


This is a paid app to track expenses on android. You don’t have to pay much for it but what you get in return is a lot. This app would help you predict your expenses in upcoming months and how much budget you would need for them. It will keep track of all your bills and would also represent data in graphical form within the app. It is available in ten languages with support for over a hundred currencies.

Buying the app is a one time payment and totally worth it. The app can work offline and there is no need to register yourself. The only con to it would be the manual backups you have to make on dropbox in order to keep your information in sync with other devices. Other than that its a must have.

Home Budget With Sync

Yet another app with a beautiful UI to track expenses on android. The best feature of this app is its ability to sync data across multiple platforms. Which includes iOS, Windows and Android. The app comes with password protection and would function according to your region. With its wide regional support you might not have to worry about setting your region manually. Other than that it performs all the functions one could possibly need in an app to track expenses on android. Hence, this is a must have.

The free version offers limited entries but they might be enough for you. Give it a shot.

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