Mar 16, 2016

Our Favourite Ten Modules for Xposed Framework


Top Ten Xposed Framework Modules.


If you have rooted your android phone and unless you live under a rock you would definitely know about Xposed Framework. In my last article I discussed what Xposed Framework is and how to use it. In case you haven’t check here. In the last couple of days I’ve been trying different modules for and here are my recommended modules for making a better Android experience. 

Discalimer: By installing these modules Nullmag will not be responsible if you bricked your phone.


Gravity Box

Xposed Framework Module


An all-in-one tool box for customizing your rom e.g Pie Controls, Navbar Mods, LockScreen Tweaks, Status bar mods

Boot Manager

Boot Manager


Select which apps to exclude on boot hence saving battery and resources.

Tinted Status Bar

Tinted Status Bar


Changes the status bar tint according to the app you are running.

XHalo Floating Window

Similar to pop-up window in Paranoid ROM




Restricts the type of data an app can access.

Perapp font

Set different fonts for each individual app.

PerApp font2

Xui Mod

Also an all-in-one tool box but also has animation mods such as Keyboard popup animation, list view animation, scrolling mods and more.


HKTheme Manager

Install CM themes on your stock rom.


Change your current UI to Phone, Phablet or Tablet.

Immerse Me

Forces immersive mode for all apps on Kitkat.

Youtube Ad-Away

If you are annoyed by the ads which pop up on youtube out of context then this tool should solve your problem. As the name suggests it removes the ads from your youtube videos to give you an ad free experience.


There are plenty of more awesome modules for Xposed Framework, you just have to look at the right place. These are my favourite ten modules for xposed framework which I have personally been using. They work perfect on my Nexus 5 and make my experience a lot better.