Mar 16, 2016

Top Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S5

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Top Reasons to buy Samsung’s flagship of 2014, the Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5, one of 2014 highly anticipated device, was announced back at MWC 2014. Instead of making it more gimmicky and adding more software tricks, this time Samsung added new features that are actually useful and improve the overall experience. And here are the most significant features and improvements.


Battery life is one main things we are concerned about when buying a new phone or tablet, and rest assured the Galaxy S5 doesn’t disappoint. Although with only a 2800 mAh battery it outperforms the likes of the Galaxy Note 3 (3200 mAh), LG G2 (3000 mAh) and the Sony Xperia Z1 (3000 mAh), according to the tests carried out by

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Galaxy S5’s triumph in the battery department is mostly because of the power efficient Snapdragon 801 processor and the Amoled display. Not to mention there’s also a Ultra Power Saving Mode.



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(Image Source: GSMArena)

This year Samsung’s flagship phone is equipped with a 5.1 inch FHD Super Amoled Display. And according to Dr. Raymond M. Soneira’s report from DisplayMate, the Galaxy S5 has most accurate and best performing screen ever tested. As stated, instead of increasing the resolution or screen size of the Galaxy S5, Samsung focused more on improving the viewing angles, power efficiency, color accuracy as well as the display brightness.


Finger Print


Finger Print scanners have become the norm in current mobile devices and Samsung didn’t want to be their devices left out from the crowd. So unsurprisingly the Samsung has added a finger print scanner to the home button of the Galaxy S5, which will be used to secure the phone as well as to ensure a secure verification to services of different apps.




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On the camera side, the Galaxy S5 is featured with a 16MP camera and a 16:9 sensor, as well as 4k video capture. Finally OEMs are starting to think right, because with most phones when taking a widescreen shot the final picture is cropped and is at lower resolution. It also has a Phase Detection Auto focus, allowing the camera to focus very quickly, Samsung claims it to be fastest on any phone. Mind you the Galaxy S5 doesn’t have optical image stabilization.


Water and Dust resistant


With an IP67 certification, the Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant. With that, you should be safe from any accidental splashes and not be worried of dust or sand. Other than the Sony Xperia Z2, this is the only high-end premium smartphone from a respected OEM that is water resistant.




All in all the Samsung Galaxy S5 is worthy of phone checking out even if it isn’t a huge spec bump from the Galaxy S4, and rest assured you won’t have any buyer’s remorse. Now if only there’s a Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition in the near future…



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