Mar 16, 2016

Awesome Photo Editing Apps for Android


Photo Editing Apps – That’s how you edit!

With relatively impressive cameras fastened to the back side of our smartphones, it’s easy to get carried away with snapping photos of important life events and scenic places we may pass by. But not every picture turns out exactly as we might expect. Sometimes you might want to add some effects to a picture to make it sleeker. Maybe the colors are off a bit or the contrast is too low, or maybe you like that vintage effect to make your pictures pop out.

On android there are literally hundreds or maybe thousands of photo editing apps, but there are a handful of photo editors that stand out from the rest. And, that’s why I present you with top 5 photo editing apps on android that are worth giving a try.


Snapseed (free)


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In December 2013, an android version of Snapseed (which was popular among iOS) was released to the Google Play Store. Ever since it has easily been my choice photo editing application on Android and I it recommend to everyone you because of the reason that it’s pretty easy to use. First, Snapseed may seem almost identical to the masses of standard photo editing applications, but it’s the ease of use and the speed inability to tweak almost any aspect of any photo or filter makes it one of more robust and intuitive photo editors around.

Editing a picture is as simple as sliding your finger up and down to choose from different metrics, and left and right to adjust the intensity. The best part to it is that Snapseed is entirely free. Also, recent updates to the google plus application have also implemented some of Snapseed’s best features, so that might come handy when uploading and sharing to google plus. And, that’s why this is one of my favorite photo editing apps.




PicsArt (free)


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Among those handful of great photo editing apps, this new one is packed with some neat features. This is PicsArt, which also is a free app. And, basically it’s another one of the dozens of photo editors with a ton of filters that are highly customizable. But, it comes with the ability to add text to photos, draw on them, add stickers and do much more. On top of all PicsArt is sort of a social network in itself allowing users to upload edited photos directly to the PicsArt account not unlike Instagram. Also, from within the app you can view other users’ photos too. I personally love this editor and have been using it for a while.



PicSay Pro (paid)


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It’s definitely not among those prettiest looking photo editing apps and its interface is not that dashing, but that doesn’t take from the sheer functionality of it. This photo editor is called PicSay Pro. It offers everything from exposure, contrast, saturation adjustment, sharpening, redeye fixing and a wide array of filters. Like PicsArt it also allows a user to insert stickers, text and frames to their photos. I usually use this editor to add funny looking props to pictures of people including fake beards, hats, etc. PicSay also comes in a free lite version but, the premium version comes with a couple more features such as full resolution export. The paid version of PicSay Pro photo editing app can be downloaded from the google Play Store for $3.99.



Photoshop Touch (paid)


photo editing apps


If none of these applications quite do it for you there is another option which is worth paying for. Although, it does cost more than PicSay, Photoshop Touch is essentially a lightweight version of the popular Adobe Photoshop application for computers. But, make no mistake; it is usually the most adept and well-rounded photo editor on any mobile platform. This is where mobile photo-editing gets complex and awesome. You can use the same feature of layering pictures to edit as the PC version.

The app has tutorials that show to how to use and apply different features and effect to amazingly edit your pictures. Photoshop Touch allows a user to use scribble selection to intelligently extract portions of images, layer photos and export images up to the 12 megapixels. That’s for sure some high quality photo editing!

It also includes its own set of filters, a wide array of selection tools and other various tools for inserting text and applying different effects. Photoshop Touch for phone $4.99 and Photoshop Touch for tablets is $9.99. I believe that this is so far the best photo editing app on android and you have to use it to believe that. So, definitely try it.


Stock Google Gallery Editor

If you don’t want to download any photo editing apps and pay for them then, keep in mind that Google has also added some much needed editing features to the stock gallery application on android. It now has built-in filters, frames and sliders for sharpness, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. There’s also a hidden menu for the history of the edits made to the pictures previously for a quick back checking process. This is accessed by right to left jester on the picture itself. This editor is quick and simple to use, and best of all its built-in and free. For the most part this built-in editor will suit most of your needs, but if you’re looking for more extensive editing then definitely check out the previously mentioned photo editing apps.


What am I using?

Well, to say the truth, I personally have all these picture editors installed on my Nexus 5 and I basically use all of them. For example, when I have to add text on an image I use PicsArt as it’s easier on that. And, when I have to crop out something from an image I use Photoshop Touch. These editors specialize in different effects so I have to have all of them installed to edit my pictures perfectly. Therefore, all these editing apps are worth trying out.

That’s it for now. I’ll be coming up with more top 5’s soon. Thank You!

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