Mar 16, 2016

Top 10 Recommended Icon Packs for Android

icon packs

Liven up your Android homescreen with these awesome icon packs


As most of you know Android is well-known for its endless customizability options; from changing your boot animations to whole Custom ROMs. Keeping that in mind, of the easiest and simplest steps customizing your Android device is to change your homescreen icons. Of course finding the right one will be daunting task since there are many packs available in the Playstore. In order to make things easier here’s a list of our favorite icon packs.

Prerequisite: Make sure your are running a third-party launcher that supports icon packs.



lumos_icon packs




Click UI

click ui_icon packs


Octa UI

octa ui_icon packs



Naxos Taz

naxos taz_icon packs



balx_icon packs




hexacon_icon packs




stark_icon packs




flatee_icon packs




cryten_icon packs



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