Mar 16, 2016

Three Best Android Music Players

android music player

Android Music Players

One of the perks of owning an android smartphone is the huge third party app support. If you are not satisfied with your current music app then consider these three replacement apps which will serve you best. Here are my three favorite android music players.


#1 – PowerAmp


android music players

PowerAmp is by far the best third party music player available to download. If you like true bass and beat in your music, then this is a must have. The interface is beautiful with knob style adjusters for bass and treble. There are a bunch of presets available along with the ability to have a custom equalizer.

Widgets for PowerAmp (downloaded separately) are also in my experience the best.



#2 – Rocket Music Player

android music players

Yet another great android music player. The UI to me is not as appealing as PowerAmp but this app does have a neat UI as well. Comes with a neat album art display with the standard player look making it quite an appealing music player.

Further to that here also you have the ability to set a custom equalizer and you can also stream music to your chromecast device with this app. Combined with another app you can use rocket music player to sync with your iTunes library. The biggest perk to this player over PowerAmp is the fact that it is free. Among the free android music players, this one seems to be the right choice.



#3 – NRG Player

An app which I believe is underrated and deserves more audience than it has. Amazing UI yet again and for no price to pay. There is also added widget support and the ability to set a custom equalizer. Album art looks really great on the great user interface and this app is the paid rival to PowerAmp as it comes with a 10 day free trial after which you have to pay. The app also has an included id3 tag editor.




Among these three android music player, only rocket player is free. Other two apps are also worth a try and each app performs as a unique android music player. I would recommend you to give the paid trials a try as well because they are actually worth buying with little to pay for.

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