Mar 16, 2016

Things That Annoyed You In 2014


Stuff That Probably Annoyed You In 2014

The year 2014 brought some really awesome flagship smartphones along with a new flagship killer. It was all quite good but something about it probably annoyed you in 2014. Here is a list of items that annoyed a lot of people, including me in 2014.


1- HTC One M8


HTC flagship phone for 2014 was indeed a killer phone in the market. Even if you loved it, at some point you were probably annoyed by its camera. It was annoying to accept that the M8 had a low megapixel count. That probably annoyed you in 2014 and over the year HTC tried to fix it by releasing a bunch of phones with similar specs and a batter camera.


2- OnePlus One Referral System

The flagship killer OnePlus One could only be bought if you had an invite and if your country was among it’s lucky customers. So it was annoying to know that we finally have an affordable smartphone in the market and yet you cannot buy it unless you have an invite. So ya, that probably annoyed you in 2014.


3- Google Glass Fail



Calling it an entire fail would be wrong. However, it is true that Google glass did not turn out to be a huge success over the year. With a huge price it was guaranteed to entertain only a few of us.


4- No GTA V For PC

At first PC gamers got mad thinking there will be no GTA 5 for PC. Then rockstar announced to give it to you an year later, along with the next gen console release. Finally when the days are close, the release date is further delayed to 2015. Being a PC gamer myself, I was annoyed as hell by this decision.


5- An Over-sized Nexus Phone

nexus-6-product-photo.jpg (3022×1668)


We all know that nexus 6 is the last among the nexus series by Google. For me among many others, they totally ruined it. First they give you a huge screen size of 5.96″, moreover they increase the price to a point where nexus 6 loses one of its main selling points … Price. Hence, in many ways google killed the joy of the last nexus phone. Other than mkb … That probably annoyed you in 2014.


6- A Really Buggy Assassin’s Creed Game

Everyone who played unity before their most recent patch was probably annoyed by the game. Ubisoft forums were flooded with complaints. Usually its the PC gamers who are affected by a choppy performance initially but this time even PS4 and Xbox One users were affected. Even though the recent patch fixes a lot of issues … The overall experience was not made that enjoyable and that annoyed many of us.

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