Mar 16, 2016

Theme Android like a Pro - Google Play Edition

theme your android

Google Play Edition theme

What fun is that to download a themer app and theme your phone with built in themes? If you want to theme android like a Pro and make it look unique from others then you have to do it manually.В Want to Apply this cool, colorful Google Play Theme to your android smartphone? Well, here’s a step by step guide by a friend of mineВ Jose J Rosa.

theme android

How to apply this theme on your Phone?



Before beginning this how to theme android tutorial the first thing you need to do is download the following: (all of them free)

1. Nova Launcher
3. Playbar UCCW
4. Soft Battery Bar UCCW Widget
5. Eye in Sky Widget
6. Wallpaper and G+ circle photoВ 



Step 1 – В In Nova Launcher settings, go to ‘Desktop’, and then ‘Desktop Grid’ and set the grid to 12 x 6. Also, set the Width and Height Margins both to none. Scroll down and check mark the ‘Widget Overlap’ and ‘Overlap When Placing’ features.

Step 2 – Now go back to Nova Launcher’s setting menu and go to Dock. Un-check the В ‘Enable Dock’ feature.

Step 3 – Then go to ‘Look and Feel’; scroll down and un-check ‘Show Notification Bar’.

[That’s it for Nova Launcher.]

Step 4 – This part is a little complicated. In Photoshop or in a program where you can edit pictures like Photoshop, edit the G+ circle photo that you downloaded and replace it with the one in your G+ profile and save it in PNG format. We will use this later. (If this step is confusing then you can use the circle phone already provided. But, the theme would look more personalized if you can use your Google+ circle photo).

Step 5 – Now you need to make a UCCW Widget with that same circle photo. If u don’t know how to use UCCW, I recommend to see a tutorial on Youtube!

[We’re almost Done!]

Step 6 – Now you need,В 3 Playbar widgets size 2 x 1 andВ 10 Playbar widgets size 3 x 1.В But the G+ Playbar widget size need to be 4 x 1. This is the one that go together with the UCCW circle photo that u need to do. Refer to the image above to see the correct placements on the widgets.В (And, ofcourse you can chose your own colors of the widgets).

Step 7 –В The ‘Eye in Sky’ (weather) Widget’s size is 4 x 1, and theВ ‘Soft Battery Bar’ Widget is 6 x 1. (You can always resize these widgets according to your screen size)

[Now just put the widgets together and you’re done with the theme android like a pro tutorial. To make the G+ circle photo stay in front of the G+ Playbar widget just hold the G+ Playbar Widget and press ‘send to back’]


That’s how you Theme Android like a Pro

Feel free to customize the theme according to your needs. But, that’s how you theme android like a Pro. Hope u guy’s like this Tutorial. Thanks toВ Jose J RosaВ for this wonderful theme and giving me the permission you share it with your guys. If you have any trouble applying the theme feel free to contact me.

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