Mar 16, 2016

The iPhone 7 dual camera vs Htc Dual Camera


iPhone 7 Dual Camera

So recently there has been word out on the tech blogs that the upcoming iPhone 7 plus might actually feature two cameras or a dual camera as I prefer to call it.

We did recently go crazy about the release of Htc One A9 and how its design was so similar to that of iPhone 6. Why do I mention that here? you might be thinking.


htc one m8 dual camera

The Htc One M8, released back in 2014, was one of the first smartphone ever to feature a dual camera. On the feature side it allowed you to refocus your image after it was taken, give you a greater depth of field etc.

With the rumored and not yet confirmed dual camera of the iPhone 7, the dual camera feature story is quite similar to that of the Htc One M8. So is this apple’s comeback at Htc for the alleged copying of iPhone 6 design? Or is this yet another story where Htc introduces a thing, is not innovative enough about it, a company like apple takes the idea, makes it a bit better and be a success story of innovation with no lawsuits.

Well enough of my mediocre detective work.

According To MacRumors

There might be two versions of the iPhone 7 plus. One with the dual camera and with a single camera. The price for the dual camera model is likely to be higher but then again people don’t think that much about money when it comes to apple. The sensor and pixel size of the camera will likely reduce to support the dual camera module.

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