Mar 16, 2016

How to take quality pictures and videos from Smartphone?

take quality pictures

Shoot better video and Take quality pictures

With a few simple techniques, you can get really good looking video from your smartphone. Today, I’m going to show you how to make better use from the built-in features the phone already have to take quality pictures and shoot better video. Plus, I have an upgrade with some affordable accessories and extensions.


Lighting Fix

Especially for a smartphone camera, lighting is everything! But, sometimes even if the lighting looks right, your phone might end up exposing the wrong area. So, use your Smartphone camera’s exposure or focus lock feature to set the lighting and keep it that way throughout the recording. This way if the lightning conditions change, the video won’t become too dark or too bright. You can lock the focus and exposure on a smartphone just by touching the screen.


take quality pictures


Better Audio

We know that Smartphone audio recording sucks! But while recording a video, if audio is important, there’s a simple trick for getting clear audio. Just cover your hand around the microphone towards the direction of the audio. This way the noise you don’t want gets filtered out.


More Tips …

There are a couple of more tips and tricks to take quality pictures from your smartphone camera. While taking pictures and videos, make sure you hold your smartphone stable by keeping your elbows firmly to your side. Also, whenever you take a picture or a video of something don’t forget about composition. Always place your subject away from the center to make a more interesting and better looking shot.



The default camera app on your phone is fine for basic recording. But, other apps open up a whole new world of different features. There are even apps like Magisto which automatically splice together your photos and videos to make a great, edited footage for you. But, make sure that even though a lot of apps are free; you have to pay for some of the better ones.



With those tips you’re already far ahead of everybody else in term of Smartphone photography and videography.  But, if you really want to step up your game, get some of the following add-ons.


Stabilizers / Tripods

Even a little bit of jitter can ruin a great video, so if keeping the elbow firmly to your side doesn’t work for you and doesn’t make the shot stable, use a smartphone stabilizer. These stabilizing accessories range in price and style but the point is that they give you one handed control that cuts out a lot of shake that often destroy smartphone videos. You can find all kinds of stabilizing accessories online so go check them out. I personally use a 2 in 1 smartphone stabilizer and tripod. You can buy one of these from here, for just $20.





If you want clearer and louder sound, add a mini mic. There are plenty of cheap options but I recommend this one from Dayton Audio. It costs about $18 on Amazon.

take quality pictures

These were my tips on how to take quality pictures and videos from your smartphone! Make sure to like our Facebook page (NullMag) and follow us on Twitter (@nullmag2596).

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