Alienware Alpha vs Next Gen Consoles

alienware alpha

Alienware Alpha At E3 2014 Alienware announced a new product into their gaming range. You can think of it as PC Console which currently runs on a themed Windows 8.1 to give gamers a console feel. It is possible that it might later run at Steam OS. Users can connect their Xbox controllers with ...

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Xbox One Getting Better – Agree ?

xbox one getting better

Why is the Xbox One Getting Better ? It has already been argued a lot that “which console is better”, so I am not going to talk over it again. However, recent Xbox One updates don’t make it a bad choice at all. Not only is Microsoft putting in consistent efforts towards ...

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Suggested GTA V System Requirements

GTA V PC Release Date

GTA V Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One ? It has rumored yet again that GTA V might finally arrive to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Most of you might have read the article by BehindGames‘s website where the author shared the rumor on GTA V’s release. There is no official word from Rockstar... ...

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Sequels that would look awesome as Next Gen Games

next gen games

Next Gen Games All game titles with added stunning visuals and enhanced physx is what we would refer to as next gen titles or next gen games. In this article I just wanted to mention some games that I have played in the past and would want to play their sequels as a next gen... Read More

PS4 vs Xbox One makes the Xbox One Look Less “Next Gen”

ps4 vs xbox one

It has now been quite some while since the release of Next Gen consoles, namely the Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. This review (PS4 vs Xbox One) is entirely my opinion because even though Xbox One would run all the Next Gen games, there are some reasons why you would ...

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