Apple WatchOS Gets Better

watchos 2

Apple WatchOS The $800 smart watch by apple got a lot of new features with the new watchOS 2 update. A lot of people liked the watch hardware wise but thought that it clearly lacked a lot of features that an android smart watch could offer you. Apple has tried to fill this gap with... Read More

iPhone 6 Leaked Images and Rumors

iphone 6 leaks

Several rumors have followed regarding the release of a new larger display iPhone 6. Many leaked news point towards the possibility of getting two different sized iPhone’s, 5.5″ and 4.7″, none of these news are confirmed yet. Through twitter I managed to land at a french blog, ...

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Apple iWatch Concept and Leaks

apple iwatch

Apple iWatch – Leaks We managed to come across some leaks for the new smartwatch by Apple. It has come to our knowledge that apple is currently working on a display with solar panel in it. The main issue with a smartwatch is battery life. So to solve this issue Apple has come with an... ...

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