Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor Ending?


Shadow of Mordor Ending Gone Lame I might have come slightly late on this topic but I recently ended the game. Being the first game based on the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ universe it did great. The whole game was awesome, story line, game-play tactics inspired from other games etc, but ...

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Project Cars delayed to March 2015

Project Cars

Project Cars delayed to March 2015   Bad news for sim racing fans: Project Cars has been delayed to March 2015 for all platforms; PC, Xbox One, and the Wii U. This news was first posted on reddit and later confirmed by a press release. Delay was primarily to steer away from the competitive ...

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XBook One for $1500 (Xbox One Laptop)


Xbox One Gaming Laptop (The Xbook One) Before starting off, let me tell you guys that XBook One is not an official product by Microsoft; instead it has been made by a self-taught engineer name Ed Zarick. He is basically a firefighter who loves to do different projects in his spare time. ...

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How to Make Rapid Fire Razer Deathadder Macro

razer deathadder macro

I am assuming that you’re here because you just bought a new Razor Deathadder gaming mouse but are having trouble using the macro feature. The first thing I would like to tell you that the mouse doesn’t come with a built in rapid fire button. You have to make your own macro on a ...

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Consoles vs PC, The Bigger Picture

console vs pc

Consoles vs PC, who’s the real winner?   The Consoles vs PC debate has been going around for a couple of years and most of the times the arguments that most people raise are dead ends and don’t arrive to a specific conclusion. Here is a simplified version of the debate stating ...

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Xbox One Getting Better – Agree ?

xbox one getting better

Why is the Xbox One Getting Better ? It has already been argued a lot that “which console is better”, so I am not going to talk over it again. However, recent Xbox One updates don’t make it a bad choice at all. Not only is Microsoft putting in consistent efforts towards ...

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Gameboy 25th Birthday – Thank You Nintendo !

gameboy 25th birthday

25 Years of Gameboy So today is Gameboy 25th Birthday, well I am not really old enough to talk in a nostalgic way about Gameboy, but I got my Gameboy Advance SP at the age of 8 which is 10 years from now. Back then it was one of things I wanted most for portable... Read More

Sequels that would look awesome as Next Gen Games

next gen games

Next Gen Games All game titles with added stunning visuals and enhanced physx is what we would refer to as next gen titles or next gen games. In this article I just wanted to mention some games that I have played in the past and would want to play their sequels as a next gen... Read More

Infamous Second Son Review, The best of it’s genre ?

infamous second son

Infamous Second Son Infamous Second Son is the third entry to the infamous series previously available on Ps3. This title however is going to be Ps4 exclusive and it has already gained a lot of attention among the playstation fans. Infamous Second Son falls under the genre of “Open World ...

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