Stop people from using WiFi with WiFiKill for Android

Wifi Kill for android

WiFiKill There are situations when you are doing something important and people you share your WiFi with are doing some rather less important things. Loss in bandwidth can be annoying for you and you might want to kill their WiFi in that case. WiFiKill does that job just right. The app can also ...

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Android App Review: EvolveSMS


EvolveSMS: Hands down the best SMS Client   EvolveSMS is developed by Klinker Apps, known for their popular apps; Talon and Sliding Messaging. EvolveSMS is a pumped up version of the latter, with many new features and improvements as well as meeting the new guidelines of Android 4.4 ...

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Pizza Hut Xbox App makes $1 Million

Pizza Hut Xbox App

Pizza and gaming make the perfect combination and we must thank Pizza hut to understand that. The new Pizza Hut app for Xbox 360 has reached much fame in a short span of time and given the company a huge sale benefit as well.   According to Pizza Hut, they were able to make $1... Read More