OnePlus One Mocks Other Smartphones

htc one plus one

OnePlus One By now you might have been aware of the first ever cyanogen mod phone introduced by a company namely the OnePlus. For a brief summary, the phone is only available if you get an invite from OnePlus to buy it. So its a limited edition phone for now and you can’t buy it in... Read More

Google Opinion Rewards App – Free Google Play Credit

google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards Google Opinion Rewards app allows Android users to earn free apps, music, books, movies, and more from the Google Play by answering quick surveys. At most you will be asked to answer 10 questions and earn Play Credit each time you complete a survey. These surveys range ...

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Three Apps To Track Expenses On Android


Track Expenses On Android If you happen to live on a fixed salary income, you would want to track your expenses. Luckily you can track expenses on android with these great apps. Use one of them or a combination of them, its totally up to you. Recording your expenses and managing them can be ...

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How I made Google Cardboard for $10

google cardboard

DIY Google Cardboard The Official Google Cardboard was only given to those 6000 people who attended the Google I/O 2014. Google is not selling these anywhere on their website. Instead, they uploaded the instructions on ‘how to make your own’ on their website, so that ...

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5 Crazy Google Projects Implemented right now

google projects

Top 5 Google Projects Do you know that behind the scenes Google is tackling some of most ambitious projects in tech? And, after a couple of years from now we will know whether or not Google is able to shape our future. So, let’s go and look at the five cool Google projects that are... Read More

LG G Watch for $179 from AT&T (expired)

lg g watch

LG G Watch for $50 less If you know that Google announced the LG G watch during the Google I/O 2014, then you should also be aware of the price they are selling the watch for in the Play Store. They are selling this smart watch for $229 in the Android Wear section of the Google... Read More

How to Use Google Maps Offline

google maps offline

Google Maps Offline Whether you are travelling without a data plan or entering a dead zone, it’s a good idea to save Google Maps for offline access. The process is really simple and works the same for both Android and iOS. So let’s say that you are planning a trip where you know you won’t... ...

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Google Cardboard – Cheapest Virtual Reality

google cardboard

What is ‘Google Cardboard’ ? Google Cardboard in short is a piece of cardboard fixed with two pieces of specialized lenses. Google laid the future of its tech on Google I/O this year by showcasing its upcoming Android L, Android T.V and Wear. In that process they showcased something ...

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Google Project Ara Beta Testing Announced

google project ara beta

Google Project Ara Beta A few months back I talked about Google’s upcoming modular smartphone the ‘Project Ara‘. Google will now be sending 100 of these modular smartphones to beta testers around the world. This means that you can not sign up for it now and be among the 100 ...

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How to take quality pictures and videos from Smartphone?

take quality pictures

Shoot better video and Take quality pictures With a few simple techniques, you can get really good looking video from your smartphone. Today, I’m going to show you how to make better use from the built-in features the phone already have to take quality pictures and shoot better video. Plus, I ...

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