Mar 16, 2016

Stop people from using WiFi with WiFiKill for Android

Wifi Kill for android


There are situations when you are doing something important and people you share your WiFi with are doing some rather less important things. Loss in bandwidth can be annoying for you and you might want to kill their WiFi in that case. WiFiKill does that job just right. The app can also be used if some uninvited guest at your home is eating up all your bandwidth and making your online life a misery for you.

WiFiKill is no longer available on Playstore and you can download it from the developer’s thread.



WiFiKill was removed from Google Play Store and you should not misuse it in anyway. Please do not use this app in public hotspots or for the sole purpose to annoy someone. Only use it if necessary and if you really are up to something important.



First of all, you need to have a ROOTED android smartphone in order to use this app.

WiFiKill will allow you to grab all the IP addresses currently active on your network and show you their usage. You can also know which website is being surfed by that person and how many bytes are being used up by him. The rest is pretty straightforward … go ahead and kill their WiFi.

The developer provides a free version for WifiKill which is ad supported and only allows you to use the app for a duration of five minutes. The paid version however can be used for as long as you like.



The app is fairly easy to use with a clean user interface. At startup this is what the app looks like.





You now simply press the play button and the app would start to scan all the IP’s currently active on your network. Grant access to Superuser if you have previously not done it. Once you have your list of IP’s with you, you can simply check on which person is using a lot of bandwidth on your network. Now simply tap on that IP, grab it and kill it. You can also grab all the IP’s at once using the button and kill them in one go.

This will disable access to the internet for that person and you will have all the bandwidth available to yourself.






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