Mar 16, 2016

Why I Still Love My Surface RT Tablet?

surface rt tablet

Surface RT Tablet is Awesome

I was never a fan of Windows tablets, but the reason I bought this Microsoft Surface RT tablet was because it was on sale on Black Friday last year. BestBuy was selling this $350 tablet for just $199. That was a huge discount, therefore I decided to buy the tablet. After using this tablet for about 8 months now, I can say that I did no mistake buying Surface RT for $199. Although, I prefer using my Android Tablet as a daily driver, but there are 4 major reasons why I still love my Surface RT tablet over most Tablets out there in the market.

1)  Split-Screen Feature

All Windows RT tablets come with this split-screen feature and Microsoft Surface RT is no exception. The split-screen lets you view your applications side by side at the same time. This is just a great time saver! I usually open the YouTube app on one half of the screen and a note-taking app on the second half.

2)  USB Port

Unlike many other tablets in the market right now, Surface RT comes with a full sized USB port that lets you attached any USB compatible device including external hard drive, mouse, keyboard, printer and even game controllers. I am not a hard core gamer but whenever I feel like doing some light gaming, I simple plug in my USB Xbox controller to the Surface to play some FIFA 14!

3)  Keyboard Attachment

If you have a Surface tablet then you probably know it has a magnetic port at the bottom, for keyboard attachment. This is pretty neat! Basically, you can make it a mini netbook by just adding the Microsoft Surface Touch/Type keyboard to the tablet. 

4)  Built-in Tablet Stand

I have not seen a single tablet except Microsoft Surface that has a built in stand. This is useful for a couple of reasons. First, the stand helps the screen stay up when you are using the tablet as a laptop with the keyboard attached. Second, usually when I am not using my surface tablet, it is sitting on my computer table with the stand open, running slideshows or some random YouTube videos automatically. Looks a pretty cool decoration piece! surface rt tablet So, there it is guys! Those were the top 4 reasons why still I love my Surface RT tablet. If you too have a Microsoft Surface tablet, don’t forget to share your experience and opinion in the comments section below.

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