Mar 16, 2016

Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor Ending?


Shadow of Mordor Ending Gone Lame

I might have come slightly late on this topic but I recently ended the game. Being the first game based on the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ universe it did great. The whole game was awesome, story line, game-play tactics inspired from other games etc, but the ending seems out of script.  Shadow of Mordor ending up with literally no challenge at all was a little frustrating. Everyone who has ended the game has his/her own issue with it.


No Fight With Sauron ?

shadow of mordor ending

So we start off collecting memories about Sauron. Naturally we were suppose to end up fighting him. Not being able to fight him led me to think that their might be another part or sequel to the game. Turns out you have to purchase a DLC (The Bright Lord) to fight him in the second age. Its annoying that shadow of mordor ending battle will not be Sauron himself. The Bright Lord DLC is not based on Talion, so I do hope that we get a chance to fight him in a possible sequel. Releasing a DLC to fulfill your dream to fight Sauron is a negative on a sequel but lets see.


Defeating The Black Hand

shadow of mordor ending

Before starting the last mission, I did a whole bunch of side missions trying to upgrade as much as I could. It was a disappointment to know that last boss fight would just be a cinematic interaction. Defeating a graug and those side hunting missions were literally more difficult. At first, I thought the boss fight was kept easy so that we can finally meet Sauron. Fighting the black hand should have been slightly more tougher, making you feel like you are in a boss fight.


The Ending

The ending shows Talion and Celebrimbor talking about defeating Sauron, both say the opposite things. Hence, nothing can be said about a sequel to the game. Putting up a DLC like The Bright Lord with a fight with Sauron may or may not mean that a sequel is likely. Shadow of Mordor ending like that is totally not acceptable to me atleast … share your viewpoint.

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