Mar 16, 2016

Seriesguide - Alternate To Cliffhanger

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Cliffhanger was my all time favorite app to keep a track of my TV shows. Until one day I couldn’t login to the app and I found out that cliffhanger was removed from playstore. They simply vanished and I don’t know why.

Never mind, I found a great new app as an alternative, SeriesGuide. There are many more available but I find SeriesGuide to be the best among them. In a nutshell, its the new best TV tracker app after Cliffhanger.


SeriesGuide - Tv tracker app

SeriesGuide is literally packed with all the features one could want out of an app to track your TV shows. Moreover, SeriesGuide even has a movie section browser. The app can cache the data allowing you to use it offline without an internet connection. There is also a dashclock extension on android, so you can also view the details on a lockscreen for Android 4.0+.

The rest of it is basic stuff.

  • Look for trending TV shows and add them to your list.
  • Swipe menus to look at the upcoming shows, watchlist and recents.
  • You can also check your friends activity on Trakt.
  • There is a fancy statistics section showing your total progress so far, looks kind of neat.
  • You can also create widgets on your homescreen, to show you the upcoming shows.




Sync With Trakt

You can connect with Trakt to sync your TV library and watched list with SeriesGuide. Hence, if you have previously been using trakt or Cliffhanger, you wont be loosing your data.


To sync with trakt, swipe left and go to Settings > Services > Connect trakt. Simply, add in your credentials and you are good to go.



All of this is available to download for free at PlayStore. You can also buy the premium version of the app which will give you new widgets and the ability to get notifications. I have tried other apps as well, most of them had a really sluggish and not so smooth UI. So after trying all of them this is the one to get.


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