Mar 16, 2016

Scentee Smelly Smartphone Notifications

scentee smelly smartphone notifications
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Notified with a smell ? Now that is certainly something new. Your smartphone can notify you with a sound or a vibration … but what if you were able to smell your notifications ?. As strange as it sounds, its actually true. You can now smell your notifications with “Scentee Smelly Smartphone Notifications”.

Scentee smelly smartphone notifications, is an attachment for your smartphone which produces a certain smell when you receive a notification.Brilliant or not this is something unique that is now available worldwide for purchase. Scentee smelly smartphone notifications was previously only available in Japan for sale.

It is available for both Android and iOS based smartphones in the market. Below we discuss the pricing of this new gadget and whether if it is really worth the price.


Price of “Scentee Smelly Smartphone Notifications”

Fragrance emitting notifications would cost you 35$ along with a shipping charge of 30$. You cab buy it off from the companies website.

Link: Scentee

Scentee smelly smartphone notifications can be bought in different fragrance which suit your taste … Or nose I guess. They also need to be bought separately for 5$ each.


Worth the price ?

It certainly is a lot to pay for gadget like this. The limitations stay there as well. You can’t be sniffing around to check if you have a notifications. Other than that I dont find any practical use to this product either.

The same technology could be modified to for a different use. If you embed it with a food related app and the gadget emits the smell of the type of food selected … Now that’s practical.

Nevertheless, it is yet another gadget in the market which might later have some greater practical use for it.


With the same amount of money being spent, you could go with buying a DLNA device for your android smartphone for wireless share on your T.V. or you could buy a cheap chinese replica to chromecast. The point being that both these gadgets would actually be of some use to you. That however does not mean that you should not give it a shot especially if you are a technology fanatic kind of a personality.

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