Mar 16, 2016

Best Ways To Save Battery On Android

save battery on android

Save Battery On Android

I have long been trying to find the right app to save battery on my android phone and honestly speaking none of them actually worked for me. You might have already seen articles showing lists of randomly chosen battery saving apps, straight from the Playstore mashed up together.

What I have come to understand, is that the main way to save battery is to minimize RAM usage by your device and to stop apps from popping up in the background. Next to that comes your accurate battery calibration. If you flash a lot of different ROMs on your phone and do not go for battery calibration, you are not using your battery to its full potential.

So here are my ways, which I consider best to save battery on android. It is basically a list of apps other than the mainstream battery saving apps. Many of the other battery saving apps would simply monitor your internet usage to save battery.


#1 – Greenify


The best way to minimize RAM usage and to stop apps from popping up in the background is through Greenify. This app allows you to save battery on Android by allowing you to hibernate the process of apps you want. This stops the apps from misbehaving in the background, which other wise would have caused lag and leakage of your battery.

Apps become functional only when you launch them or some other app requests data from a particular app. It would be better to identify first that which apps are working unnecessarily in the background. In most cases it would be some unused wallpaper app or simply a file explorer. It is best to hibernate them using Greenify. If you do not care for notifications from games like “Tapped Out” etc, then you should hibernate them as well.

Greenify can be used by non-rooted phones but rooted phones get the upper edge by using the Xposed-Framework module for Greenify. So by hibernating apps you ultimately save battery on android. This works best for both low end and high end smartphones.



#2 – Battery Calibration 


This app is for rooted users only. Your android phone drains battery owing to its battery stats. It is possible that you flash a new ROM and it shows a full charge on your phone. In reality this full charge could be around 70% of the actual charge. This way the new battery stats might drain your battery a lot quicker than expected. It is hence best to make use of this free battery calibration tool.

I would recommend you to once fully drain your battery. After a full drain charge your phone with this app running, do not interrupt the charge and let it go till the app makes a beep sound to indicate a full charge. Then simply click on battery calibration. This app makes sure your phone gets the full charge it needs and discharges accordingly. It hence helps you to maximize and save battery on android. In some cases you might want to use this app more than once to get results.

Get it on Google Play.


There are many other apps available to save battery on android but like I said before they mostly monitor your internet usage. They have quite a mediocre effect on battery performance and hence I never mentioned them here. If you still require such an app to save battery on android then I would recommend you to download easy battery saver.

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