Mar 16, 2016

Samsung 11k Display | Will Mimic 3D

samsung 11k display

Samsung 11k Display

Even though this is strictly a rumour, it seems like insane news. Samsung is said to be working with a number of companies to bring a 11k display to its smartphone.

We don’t even have a 4K display yet in our smartphones but don’t be overwhelmed because Samsung won’t make this display any time before 2018.

The benefit of this kind of resolution would be in 3D applications.


3D Mimicry

The insane resolution gives you a PPI of around 2250. That huge number of pixels in just just one inch will be able to mimic the ‘3D’ effect due to a feeling of depth given by such a large resolution on a small screen.

It actually might be true. Even if you don’t talk about the most recent smartphones and talk about the LG G3, it had a 2K display with a PPI of around 538.

samsung 11k display

Looking at the added qhd video samples by LG, you could actually feel some form of depth in the video. That was only from a 2K display so an actual mimic of 3D is quite a lot expected from a 11K display. Specially when you increase the pixels per inch by almost 4 times.

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