Mar 16, 2016

How to Run Ubuntu from a USB drive


Live Bootable Ubuntu USB

In this tutorial we will be running Ubuntu (Linux) from a USB device on a Windows PC. Without wasting time let’s get started! Follow the steps below and you would be good to go:

1) Download Ubuntu from their website. Here is the direct link to download Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (the link would automatically start the download).

2) While this 1 GB file is being downloaded, you need to go and find yourself a USB drive with 2GB or more storage space.

3) Download Universal USB Installer This software would help install the Ubuntu file on the USB drive and make it bootable on a windows computer.

4) Now, run the Universal USB Installer setup file, agree to the terms and conditions and you should see the following screen:

universal usb installer


5) From the dropdown menu in Step 1, select whatever Linux version you are installing. In our case we will choose Ubuntu.

6) In Step 2, click on ‘Browse’ and select the 1 GB Ubuntu file you just downloaded.

7) In Step 3, select your USB drive (If you can’t find the USB, make sure it is plugged in properly to your PC). If you don’t have enough space on your USB drive you can also check the format option in Step 3.

8) Skip Step 4 and click on ‘Create’ and wait for the software to install Ubuntu on your USB drive which would allow you to run it live on your Windows PC.



9) Once the Installation is complete Restart your computer with your bootable Ubuntu USB drive still plugged in to your PC of course.

10) Once the computer reboots, quickly tap the ESC button to enter into the Startup Menu (For HP users). Your Computer might require a different key to be pressed in order to enter the Startup Menu. Pressing F9 instead of ESC might work for some people. If you don’t know how to enter Startup Menu on your PC, look up on Google!

11) Once you are in Startup Menu, you should see the following options:

boot manager

Form here we need to enter Boot Device Options. So, press F9. (Again, yours might be a little bit different).

12) Now, you should select your USB drive from the list shown in the image below:



13) Hopefully, everything went good and you should see the Ubuntu logo and a couple of options asking if you want to TRY or permanently install Ubuntu on your machine besides the OS already installed. The choice is yours. I think you should try first and see if you like it. Trying is basically running Ubuntu from the USB drive without installing on your PC’s hard drive itself. But, keep in mind you would have to go to startup menu and Boot Option Menu every time if you don’t install it.

14) You are ready to use Ubuntu!



Note: I will be writing some articles on how to use Ubuntu if you are not familiar with the Operating System and would also teach you how powerful it can be.

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