Mar 16, 2016

Remove Ads From Android Apps - AdAway

remove ads from android apps


AdAway has been my all time favorite app since the day I rooted my first android phone. If you are annoyed by all those adverts popping on your face while playing a game or using any other app on android, then AdAway is your solution. It is an open source app that allows you to remove ads from android apps.

AdAway was previously available on Google Play but for some particular reason it isn’t now. You can still however download it and use it on your android phone to remove ads from android apps.

You can download it here.


Three Steps To Remove Ads From Android Apps

Though it is fairly easy to install AdAway and get it running, if you have any trouble then simply follow these three simple steps. You must have a rooted android phone as a pre-requisite.

remove ads from android apps




Simply open the app and you will be presented with a screen similar to the one shown above. Click on “Download files and apply ad blocking”.



Wait for the download to finish. It would hardly take a minute.



You should now get a message like the one shown above. Restart your phone once and enjoy an ad free experience on your android smartphone. Likewise if you wish to disable ad blocking simply use the button to do so.


Remove Apps With Adware

It is possible that even after using AdAway you still get some annoying pop up ads on your home screen or in the notification panel. In this case you can access the “Scan for Adware” feature in AdAway. You will find that in settings. It would tell you which apps are responsible for showing those ads. That way you can get rid of these adware apps. Apps with adware are usually of poor quality that we mostly have on our phones even though we do not use them.

remove ads from android apps


It should be noted that the main source of income for some developers providing you with great quality apps is through mobile advertisements. So it would be better to donate those developers for an ad free app experience rather than using AdAway to block their incomes. You can also add custom hosts to AdAway if you want specific ads to keep on showing instead of a few.

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