Mar 16, 2016

Remote Desktop Connection through Android

remote desktop connection

Remote Desktop Connection

There are lots of ways to remotely access your computer but Google has made its own solution that allows you to easily view your Mac or PC from any Android Device by establishing a remote desktop connection. The best part of this is that the setup is really simple and the performance is buttery smooth. So, let’s go ahead and setup this up so that you are always ready to establish a remote desktop connection from anywhere you want.


Setup on Computer

1) First, launch or your PC and install Chrome Remote Desktop from the Chrome Web Store (it’s free!).  As I mentioned before that this works for both Mac and Windows.

2) Once it’s installed, open the app and grant it permission for remote access.

3) Now, you’ll be given two options within the app.


remote desktop connection


The first is Remote Assistance, and it is useful to troubleshoot a friend or family’s computer. You want to set this up on THEIR computer if they are constantly bothering you for technical support. This way you will easily be able to help them and figure out their problem remotely.

The second option is My Computers,and it is good if you want to access your OWN machine. With this option when you click on ‘Enable remote connections’ the app will prompt you to install an additional software called the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop Host’ that will give your Android permission to access the computer remotely

4) The last thing to do is to choose a PIN, so that any random person can’t just access your computer with your Android phone. Once you’re done creating a PIN, the app will ask you for your PIN to enable the remote service.

 remote desktop connection

Setup on Android

1) On your Android device, first install the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ app (free).

2) Open the app, chose your computer, and enter the PIN.  Your desktop with appear right away!

remote desktop connection

But, you have to make sure that when you’re setting it up, you are signed-in with the same Google account you used with the desktop web app.


How to use it?

Definitely, navigation will be much easier on a tablet with a bigger screen; still you can also use your phone easily with these tips:

  • Use the usual pinch gesture to zoom in and out.
  • Use the full screen mode.
  • You can also use the menu button to access the ‘Ctrl-Alt-Del’.


So, now if you’re away from home or you get that frantic call from a family member, there’s an easy way to get remote access. The performance is so great that there is no lag at all. If you have any questions follow me on Google+. Make sure to like our Facebook page (NullMag) and follow us on Twitter (@nullmag2596).

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