Mar 16, 2016

Top Reasons To Buy HTC One M8

reasons to buy htc one m8

HTC’s new flagship device, the HTC One M8 has catched the eye of every smartphone enthusiast. Still there are people who are not convinced by the new HTC One M8, by the book there might be some flaws in the phone but practically it stands out to be an amazing device. This article is in no way a comparison towards another smartphone and simply states the reasons that might convince you to buy the new m8. So here are my top reasons to buy HTC One M8.



Top Reasons To Buy HTC One M8

The reasons now listed are in no particular order.


Reason #1 – Design

HTC One M8

The new HTC One M8 features a beautiful elegant design with an aluminium body and a brushed metal design. The One M8 is 9.35mm thick which gives a nice slim finish to the mobile. The durability of its design is out of question, I have personally been using HTC devices since a long time and the average drops and bangs to the phone do no serious damage. The overall look and feel of the mobile in your hand also feels premium. So design is to be considered as one of the best reasons to buy HTC One M8.

The phone is available in three colors, namely, Gun Metal Gray, Glacial Silver and Amber Gold.


Reason #2 – Display

HTC One M8


HTC One M8 features a Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 5″ Full HD Display. The text is crisp and colors are vivid. Even if you are a die hard fan of amoled display, the m8 would not disappoint you here.

Reason #3 – BoomSound


I myself have experienced the loudspeaker quality of HTC One and it is undoubtedly amazing. The new One M8 also has similar loudspeakers on top and bottom of the phone and HTC claims to have made the quality even better than before. Boomsound is a feature you will not find in any rival smartphone and it is yet again one of the reasons to buy HTC One M8.

Reason #4 – HTC Sense


For me HTC Sense is the only reason why I always prefer HTC smartphones over the other. Sense 6 rolled out with HTC One M8 and is a beautiful UI running Kitkat. If you have still not given sense a try or if you are bored with Touchwiz/any other UI, then this should be your reason to buy HTC One M8. You would also get BlinkFeed with Sense 6 which is a fantastic reader app by HTC.


Reason #5 – Dot View Cover


I might sound biased here but the Dot View cover is literally the most beautiful smartphone cover that I have ever seen. A friend of mine who previously owned a Galaxy S3 says that for him the reason to buy HTC One M8 would be the Dot View Cover alone. The cover is available in many different colors and can show you different notifications in a Dot Matrix look. The cover costs an extra $50.

Reason #6 – Camera

HTC One M8 features a dual camera with the ability to re-focus at any point in the image after it has been taken. Many would argue that the camera is not good considering its low megapixel count. In my opinion quality is what matters more than the size of the image. There is absolutely no compromise of quality in the images and the One M8 can capture pictures of great depth.


A picture from CNet should serve to prove me right. This is a camera sample taken from HTC One M8.



You can see the great depth and colors of the image. Please click on the link to CNet to view it in full screen and observe the quality in better detail.




HTC One M8 is definitely worth a try if you have not used a HTC mobile before. Many issues that existed with previous versions are now sorted out. The phone after One X and One, has the ability to expand storage upto 128Gb via SD card. For many no SD card was an issue. Battery life has also tend to improve in HTC One M8.

I have shared with you guys my top reasons to buy HTC One M8, the final decision rests in your hand.

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