Mar 16, 2016

PS4 vs Xbox One makes the Xbox One Look Less "Next Gen"

ps4 vs xbox one

It has now been quite some while since the release of Next Gen consoles, namely the Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. This review (PS4 vs Xbox One) is entirely my opinion because even though Xbox One would run all the Next Gen games, there are some reasons why you would want to choose the PS4 over it instead. I previously preferred the Xbox 360 over PS3, that however is not the case for the Next Gen Consoles.

The battle PS4 vs Xbox One has been well discussed in the past months and many of you might have already bought a new next gen console based on the conclusions. However, now we have experienced some great titles for each console and if you still have to make a decision, this article should definitely help you out.

So lets just have a quick go through on the specs of each console in terms of hardware and then discuss the reasons why the Xbox One is not the ultimate choice to buy as a Next Gen console. Just as a heads up, I myself am a PC gamers so dont think this review as being a biased one just because I might own a PS4 … because I don’t.



PS4 vs Xbox One – Hardware Spec Comparison

I will not go in a lot of details here and straight away share an image I took from AnandTech. The table should suffice to compare the hardware specs of both these consoles.


ps4 vs xbox one - comparison


In terms of hardware specs, everyone agrees to the fact that PS4 is stronger and better. Even though Xbox One is capable of running every multiplatform game available for the next gen consoles, it is likely that PS4 will get more better looking exclusive titles than the Xbox One.


The Cool Next Gen features in PS4

1- DualShock 4

ps4 vs xbox one

I had always admired the look of the Xbox 360 controller and personally own one for my PC games as well. The PS4 however takes the edge here. It is better looking and even has the triggers like the Xbox 360 controller, a hell of a feature removed from the new Xbox One controller. Even though Microsoft claims their new controller to be more ergonomic than before, it really doesnt matter. What matters is the fact that not only Sony has totally redesigned their controller, they have also added features that add up to the Next Gen gaming experience. The Xbox One controller however is simply a redesign with no extra features added.


The biggest addition would be the touchpad added in the middle of the controller, even though games like Assassin Creed Black Flag only used it to navigate through the map, it is still an extra feature which the Xbox One lacks and games in the future are likely to take greater advantage of it.


Moreover, the dualshock 4 has a share button included in it, which allows you to share your gameplay and other information around the internet. This also is a PS4 exclusive feature and gives you yet again another edge over the Xbox One.

A dualshock 4 controller is also capable of producing audio. The feature was used in the PS4 exclusive title Infamous Second Son, where the user had to shake the controller simulating the shaking of a spray can, the controller not only produces audio accordingly but also adds to the realism in the gaming experience.

You also have a light bar at the back of your DualShock 4 which helps the PS4 know where the user is sitting and the color changes during multiplayer, assigning a different color to a different user. Many gamers found that annoying while gaming in a dark room so Sony has also announced a firmware update which will allow the user to control the light intensity of the light bar.



For me the controller alone is reason enough to declare PS4 the best Next Gen console for PS4 vs Xbox One.

2 – PlayStation Camera

ps4 camera

I would not consider this argument as a killer reason to buy the PS4 instead of Xbox One but it does not help the case for Xbox One either. The PlayStation camera now has the ability to do whatever Microsoft Kinect was able to do. It will be able to detect the player in a 3D environment due to its dual camera and would also be getting game titles which were previously exclusive to the Kinect. This kills one of the reasons to buy a Xbox One. Though I am uncertain to give this point a place in PS4 vs Xbox One but we have to admit that a greater computational power and other extra features in the PS4 topped with the abilities of Kinect, would simply mean “better than Xbox One”.

3 – Virtual Reality


Sony Project Morpheus



Sony announced its virtual reality system for the PS4 codenamed Project Morpheus. The virtual reality headset would be an additional hardware available for purchase to the PS4 owners and it would also offer exclusive titles for the PS4 that would use the potential of virtual reality. This combined with the power of a PS4’s hardware would mean killer exclusive titles that we have never experienced before.

Now you would not get that with an Xbox One or a PC …  at least not for now. So how different is the Xbox One now from a good gaming PC of today ? This adds in an extra credit for the PS4 in PS4 vs Xbox One. About four years from now even if we PC gamers come to argue about a superior computing power compared to the next gen consoles we will still not have the abilities and features of a PS4, the Xbox One would then just be yet another console running the latest titles with a hardware obsolete compared to a PC if Microsoft does not find a solution to tackle the greater advancement of the PS4.

4 – Exclusive Titles

Now you have to admit to the fact that the Playstation exclusive titles are amazing. If you are buying an Xbox One to play Titanfall and missing the chance to play a great game like Infamous Second Son, sorry to say you are an idiot. The next part of Titanfall would not be Xbox One exclusive anyways plus you can experience Titanfall on a decent PC as well. You cannot however experience games like Killzone and Infamous Second Son on PC. I envy the PS4 gamers for this fact.

Packing all the great features of DualShock 4 and a superior hardware than the Xbox One, PS4 will in my opinion receive better exclusive titles than the Xbox One in near future. You cannot find a game such as Infamous Second Son on the Xbox One and would never be able to use the abilities of DualShock 4 with your Xbox One even if you had that game on it.

There is still no news on whether if the Xbox One would be getting virtual reality or not, if not then the Xbox One gamers will not be able to enjoy the exclusive titles for the PS4 made specifically to use the VR. Unless they buy a PS4 of course.



For me the winner of PS4 vs Xbox One is clearly Sony’s Playstation 4. Xbox One is still a great console with its own functionalities at hand but truth be told PS4 is better. For now, I can say that the features of a PS4 make the Xbox One look less “Next Gen”, because in my opinion the next gen game titles alone would not help here. Even a good PC can run the multiplatform Next Gen titles but there has to be a reason why the console stands out to be superior. PS4 I believe provides all those reasons to you and I myself am planning to buy a PS4 in a few months. Let me know your own opinion as well.

I hence conclude my article for PS4 vs Xbox One, I hope that it helps you make a decision on which console to buy if you are still confused.

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