Mar 16, 2016

Pizza Hut Xbox App makes $1 Million

Pizza Hut Xbox App

Pizza and gaming make the perfect combination and we must thank Pizza hut to understand that. The new Pizza Hut app for Xbox 360 has reached much fame in a short span of time and given the company a huge sale benefit as well.


According to Pizza Hut, they were able to make $1 million with the Pizza Hut Xbox app.


Lazy people finally do have some benefits to somebody. Even if not lazy, there is no doubt that the Pizza Hut Xbox app is brilliantly designed with a very user friendly user interface which gave the users an edge on using it.


Pizza Hut Xbox App

The app is not yet available for Xbox One but it shall soon be out for it as well. The Pizza Hut Xbox App, is a very user friendly design where xbox gamers are presented with menu.

They can use different toppings and make a pizza of their choice using their controller. What further adds to the awesomeness of this app is that you can also use motion sensing to make your own pizza.

Pizza Hut Xbox App works perfectly with kinect as well so you can just sit back and swipe around to make your pizza. You also have the ability to use voice control to choose the type of crust or topping you would want to go with.


The app for now is exclusive only to Xbox users because it has not yet been released for the rival console, that is, the Playstation. There are no news either, on whether if it would be available to Playstation users or not. It would be clever of Microsoft to make sure that this app is Xbox exclusive as it would add to the attraction of the console itself. Otherwise, overwhelmed with profit possibility it is unlikely to stay exclusive to the Xbox users alone. For now the Playstation users will have to stick to the old methods of ordering their pizza.

The strange thing is that with Xbox One already in the market, the app was designed for the elder brother instead. The fact that they reached a million dollar sales show that not all gamers have yet given up on their old console either. This also serves to show that marketing apps with microsoft has been successful for Pizza Hut and many companies come along. The rival restaurant may have an edge if it releases an app for its restaurant on the Playstation market.

If you do not know how to setup the app, have a look at microsoft’s website. If it does not work for you, it is probably because of region issues.

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