Mar 16, 2016

How PC gamers benefit from Next-Gen Consoles

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This is going to be a brief review on my opinion as to how PC gamers benefit from next – gen consoles. Just as a heads up, I myself am a PC gamer but this review is not suppose to be biased towards PC gaming at all.

With the advent of next – gen consoles (emphasis being strictly on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), the game developers are now out of the annoying bottleneck they were previously in. Its an annoying fact that we PC gamers must agree on, that the game devs give their first priority to console gamers. So how the console gamers react to the release of a game is more important to the game developers rather than the PC gamers. A proof for that would be the fact that we were not able to play many amazing titles such as HALO, GTA 5, Forza, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, Last of Us, Gears of War and many others. Among the names listed, some games are console exclusive as well but my point is clarified. However, still PC gamers do get to experience other game titles.


PC Gaming Before

Before the announcement of Next – Gen consoles, we were always stuck with glitchy graphics and often could not enjoy the game to its full potential. There was always a need for patches. Part of the problem originated from consoles. The current gen consoles were not equipped with the necessary hardware needed by games these days and there was always a need to develop the game within limits so that the consoles are able to play them at a solid framerate. The particular game was mostly ported to PC and the textures had to remapped to make them look better. This most of the times made the game glitchy and never allowed PC gamers to experience graphics what we now call next-gen.

An example of a really bad port would be GTA 4, our PC’s could handle the better looking version of GTA 4 just fine with mods but were stuck with the bad textures and low performance.


pc gamers

Crysis 3 Comparison


PC Gaming Now

Even though PC gamers have been receiving better textures and graphics comparatively before as well but now it is a little different. Now games are being developed keeping in mind the performance hungry console hardware. The hardware is sufficient to run games with stunning graphics at a stable framerate. This means that what game developers produce now would be a lot better looking and PC gamers would have the edge of experiencing even better graphics.

This is true for many games including Assassin Creed 4 and Batman Arkham Knight. When Assassin Creed 4 came out on next-gen consoles, days later PC gamers received patches for 4K resolution and texture support. Batman Arkham Knight is now next-gen and PC exclusive and they have totally ignored the current gen consoles, one of the reasons to that is simple: Current Gen cannot handle the graphics of that game. If we were still stuck with no next-gen consoles then Batman Arkham Knight with its stunning visuals would not have been possible.


PC Gamers

Battlefield 4 Comparison


In short, PC gamers will now have more added support for 4K resolutions, better graphics and they will benefit more from their hardware because now current-gen consoles would not be there to bottleneck. Batman Arkham Knight not supporting old consoles could be a bad warning to console gamers. This could lead to the fact that old consoles will become obsolete with discontinued support very soon. So it is better to buy a PC or a new Console.


This is entirely my opinion and criticism is welcomed. 

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