Mar 16, 2016

[Part 2] Top New favorite Xposed Modules


Xposed Framework Modules


It’s quite a while since we last posted about Xposed modules, and a lot of new and awesome Xposed Modules had been released during that period. So here are our new favorite xposed modules that you should check out.

Note: Your device should be rooted and has correctly installed Xposed Framework. Also we won’t be responsible of your phone gets unresponsive and gets bricked by installing these modules


LiOn Tamer


Allows you to disable wakelocks and alarms from background services that reduce battery life of your device. You can view detailed information and statistics of each wakelock. My Nexus 5’s battery life greatly improved by disabling most of the abnormal wakelocks and easily gained appox 4.5 screen on time from 3hrs.

If you’re not sure which services you should disable, well you’re in luck. There’s a community Google Document Spreadsheet where there’s a comprehensive information about each wakelock and which ones can be safely disabled.

To top it off this Xposed Module has semi-material design UI making usability much easier and enjoyable.


Xtended Navbar



Compatible with phones that have on-screen buttons. Adds 3 pages to the nav-bar, and swipe from the edges to access music controls and quick settings. You can also have the option to show favorite apps but that requires the donate package.


Battery Home Icon


Is only compatible with phones that have on-screen buttons and set to Android L theme/icons. You can set the Android L theme using Softkeyz app, Xstana or Android L Navigation Bar Xposed module.

This Xposed module sets the home-button to a circle battery (just like in most custom roms). You can also set it to show battery percentage and charging animation. There’s also the option to customize padding and thickness of the circle battery.

Download link:




Choose your choice of navbar and status bar theme from a plethora options. Also change your nav bar dimensions. You can also individually set an icon for each on-screen button. Updated frequently; new themes added. Most of the really good ones come only with the paid version.


FlatStyle Keyboard


Theme the Google Stock keyboard’s background and foreground color according to your taste. With the PRO version you can set the foreground and background individually for each app. It can also automatically tint according to the app you are running, similar to Tinted Status Bar Xposed module.

Download link:


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