Mar 16, 2016

OnePlus One Mocks Other Smartphones

htc one plus one

OnePlus One

By now you might have been aware of the first ever cyanogen mod phone introduced by a companyВ namely the OnePlus. For a brief summary, the phone is only available if you get an invite from OnePlus to buy it. So its a limited edition phone for now and you can’t buy it in retail outlets.

HTC has always been my personal favorite but OnePlus OneВ is top in my favorite list. Due to limitations of my country and budget … I can’t be buying one right now.

Here is a general overview of the phone’s specification.


oneplus one specs



I will now share with you some open mocking incidents by the company itself along with a user review of a happy OnePlus OneВ owner.


The Mocking

OnePlus One community has been openly challenging recent flagship phones to match their specs in the same budget. Though it is a thing of personal preference but the open picture is quite clear. The mocking seems quite legit considering the awesome specs and the low budget of the OnePlus One. By keeping their phones limited in production and maintaining a low price, the OnePlusВ has indeed captured its targeted audience.


First up was Sony’s Xperia Z3.

xperia z3 mocked by one plus one


Second, Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

note 4 mock



Recently, The New Moto X.

moto x mock


The announcement of iPhone 6 Plus and more giveaways!

oneplus vs iphone 6



With every picture mocking other smartphones, the OnePlus community would giveaway one of their smartphones and also send a 100 invites. OnePlusВ did not mock the new iPhone 6 and instead welcomed it. However, along with a giveaway, this time they are also sending 550 invites to buy the OnePlus One.


A Satisfied Customer Review В 

So I thought it would be nice to add in a customer review in this article. This review is by one of my friends who has been kind enough to share with us his experience. Here is his review. (Courtesy of Usama Jamil)

“The slogan given to it as a “Flagship Killer” fully justifies. The reason for it to be highly anticipated phone of 2014 was the price to specs ratio that Oneplus offered.В When the phone was announced I spent an ample time on the internet reviewing this “FLAGSHIP KILLER”. From the thoughts given on the internet I was confident that it might be the best phone to get for $300.

I had a LG LU6200 running CyanogenMod, and I loved it the amount functions and features that it offered in the software department. Oneplus One was running CyanogenMod out of the box with the specifications that matched the Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8 and a price of $300; one cannot ask anything more so seeing this I surely wanted to get my hands-on on this beast.

Luckily, I did got an invite, ordered the phone from USA and finally I am using it for a month now. The premium experience, which might people think, cannot be delivered in such a low-price tag, started from the time I was unboxing the Oneplus One.

I ordered the Sandstone Black 64GB variant. The first time I hold the phone it was like “Wow!! I have never felt anything like this before”. The back of the phone surely provided a feel that was never experienced before. It was like a combination of Velvet and Sandstone and the metal border going around the display made it look like a well-designed phone.

Speaking of Oneplus One as my daily driver, it handled everything I throw at it efficiently. From the heavy graphic games, to watching movies, using internet: it simply handled all tasks without a hic-up. The battery life on the One was quite as good as the design; I got a more than 7 hours of on-screen time with a single charge.


oneplus one battery



In conclusion, the Oneplus One is worth a try and I am definitely pleased with the small price I paid for it. I would surely recommend Oneplus One, if you can get your hands on one.”

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