Mar 16, 2016

OnePlus One after 1 month

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One Journey

I received my OnePlus One exactly a month ago from now and I have been using it since then. I had my all favorite nexus 5 before as I was a hardcore nexus fan until the overpriced Nexus 6 came. Well, let’s try to stay on topic and not get into that Nexus zone.


Things I like about the 1+1

I can proudly say that the OnePlus One is definitely a better phone than the Nexus 5. In short, I don’t miss my nexus 5. I have the 64GB version which provides me with a lot more storage to save my high-quality pictures and HD/4K videos. The cyanogen mod is working great on the phone and the operating is definitely better than stock android as it’s filled with a lot more features.

The best thing about the OnePlus One is its battery life. I used to charge my Nexus 5 every night, which is not the case with the Plus. OnePlus One gives me two days of battery life, with moderate usage. By moderate usage, I mean, the smartphone is always on LTE network and at about 50% brightness. I text and browse the web A LOT. The two day period also include taking tons of pictures and videos, and playing a little bit of games. GPS is turned off!

During this one month time period the OnePlus One has NEVER crashed on me. Cyanogen mod is very smooth and doesn’t lag at all. The phones 13 MP camera is definitely better than the Nexus 5 and the video quality is amazing. A few days ago I showed a video to my friends on an HD TV that I recorded on my OnePlus One and they were amazed when I told them that I didn’t use a DSLR, but the 1+1. Also, I have never seen such a great front facing camera on a smartphone before. This 5 MP front facing shooter with HD recording is just awesome for doing hangouts.

Gestures are amazing! I use the tap to wake gesture to wake up the phone, which is pretty cool. Watching videos on a much larger 5.5 inch screen is just a far more better experience. Now, the Nexus 5 screen feels a little too small. It is true that once you get used to a larger screen size, you can’t go back.

My Nexus 5 would get hot while playing games, but that’s not the case with the OnePlus One. I can play games constantly for a long period of time but the phone would never get hot to touch.

I haven’t rooted my OnePlus One yet, as I didn’t yet find it necessary to do so. The phone already has a lot of custom rom and other root features that I didn’t find the need to root it. Here out my article: “No Need to Root OnePlus One“! Although, I am soon planning to perform a full backup and root my phone.

I am just in love with the off screen capacitive buttons. Turning the on-screen buttons off and using the capacitive buttons provides more room on the screen.


OnePlus One


Things I don’t like

I love the phone for the price I paid for it. Still, there are a couple of minor things about the phone that gets annoying sometimes. Even though I prefer a larger phone for a many reasons but it gets annoying sometime. For example, it’s really hard to hold and use the phone with one hand while you are lying down. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning.

Cyanogen is better than stock android is many ways but, the CON is that it’s not stock. This means that you might experience some minor bugs in the system sometimes. For example, sometimes the clock from the status bar just randomly disappears; and then it comes back randomly. I have contacted the cyanogen team, and they were kind enough to reply me back stating that they would fix this bug in the upcoming update.

Other than that, I don’t think I had any bad experience with the phone. That was basically what I wanted to share with you guys. Feel free to ask me any questions about the phone n the comments below.

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