Mar 16, 2016

One Wear - HTC's First Smartwatch


One wear

After every other mainstream smartphone developer is in the mist of introducing an android wearable HTC finally plays its card. The one wear will be HTC’s first ever smartwatch and will be a market rival to the Moto 360.


Release date

One wear is expected to reach the markets at most by early September. The Moto 360 comes out this summer in the US.



One wear will also take advantage of android wear, Google’s OS purposely built for wearables. If you do not know a lot about it … Check out my review on android wear. For some features on the Moto 360 check their website out.

Not sure if HTC would skin the android wear OS with the sense feel … Though I would love it, but it only works best if you own a HTC along with it. One wear will be available in a variety of colors with a metal watch face and a poly-carbonate shell. Other features might as well go inline with the Moto 360 … According to what I got to know, one wear will also be circular shaped watch with a QHD multi-touch display. Battery life is estimated at 24 hours.

Samsung still remains silent till now … Its possible that they might stick to their Galaxy Gear watches, which honestly speaking is too overpriced.


My Concept

I used screenshots of my homescreen and cut out htc widget icons to make this concept. I would really like a HTC blend to the watch. This is not part of the features but wanted to share with you my concept … forgive my poor attempt.

one wear concept

The number in the middle could represent the unread notification count. Going to making a complete article later full of concepts for the one wear. You can submit your concepts as well if you wish, you will be credited for it. Comment below with a link to your concept and I will add it later in the article with your credits.


Some Leaks

Leaks is kind of like a trend now, so why not for this watch ?. According to some of the leaks that I read on the internet, the watch comes in two editions and might not include a camera like the galaxy gear. Instead it would have an app to remotely take pictures from your watch. The practical use to that is not logical but bear in mind that these are only leaks and have no solid authority on them either.


One wear is indeed a smart move by HTC and there is no doubt that they would come out with a stunning looking android wearable. This is an exciting topic for me because I am a die hard HTC fanboy, I will be covering in all that I find latest on HTC’s first wearable so stay in touch!

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