Mar 16, 2016

Sequels that would look awesome as Next Gen Games

next gen games

Next Gen Games

All game titles with added stunning visuals and enhanced physx is what we would refer to as next gen titles or next gen games. In this article I just wanted to mention some games that I have played in the past and would want to play their sequels as a next gen title. Just wanted to share some games that we have played before and their sequels could look stunning with enhanced graphics using the next gen technology.


Just Cause 2

next gen games


Just Cause 2 was one of the best open world tps games that I have played, it looked stunning even then. Coupled with the third party mods available for this game on PC it was an absolute delight. A sequel to a game like Just Cause 2 in Next Gen would be a hell of an entry in next gen games.

The sequel should focus more on destruction with the next gen technology.


Spec Ops: The Line

next gen games


Spec Ops was another great looking and fun to play third person shooter. The game did not have a definite end and there were multiple endings to the game depending on what you actually did. So a sequel for this game with next gen would be something that I would be willing to play. The enhanced physics rendering and lighting effects as a next gen title could make this game a best seller as it already has a great storyline to follow.




The title is sufficient enough to explain what I am trying to tell here. The crysis series is well known for its amazing visuals specially on PC with third party mod support. So a sequel to the Crysis series would be a valuable addition to the next gen games.


Far Cry 


If there is to be another FarCry title it would not be related to the previous game. The previous game did have a definite end and was yet again one of the best looking games that I have ever played. The open world goodness could be made even better with next gen, if there is a sequel to this game. So this would definitely be a sequel to look forward to in next gen games.


More ?

This is a never ending list that could go on and on, but these are my favorite titles of the past that I would want to play as a next gen title in their sequel. What are your choices ? Comment below.

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