Mar 16, 2016

Microsoft Kinect to guard the Korean border

Microsoft Kinect

Koreans have put the Kinect to good use and have decided that Kinect should be used to guard the Korean border.


Microsoft Kinect to guard the Korean border from now on is an example of creativity by the Koreans.


Microsoft Kinect would scan the border and see who passes by. If its an animal or a bird Kinect does nothing at all. However, of Kinect scans a human being crossing the border it would straight away alarm the authorities for trouble.


Microsoft Kinect, as seen by the programmer

It means we had been underestimating the power of kinect. The kinect based software is designed by a Korean developer named Jae Kwan Ko. It is used on the border that separates the two different parts of Korea.

Ko is reported to have said:

I have never even thought of a game system performing national defense tasks.

The system is being further updated which would also help it detect heartbeats. This is the same kind of upgrade that we see in Xbox One’s kinect.


The unique use of what is now obsolete shows that Kinect was never used to its full potential in some sense. Game developers could still have used more of Kinect for Xbox 360 to enhance the gaming experience.

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