Mar 16, 2016

Make Your Own "" Website (NJIT Students Only)


How To Make your own website?

Do you know you can make your own website for free if you are an NJIT student, under the domain name I know most of you were not aware of this and maybe some of you might not believe. If not then you can go to your website right now and verify. Open your beloved Google Chrome and type in Replace UCID with your ucid ofcourse and press enter and you will be taken to a homepage that would say something like this:



As you can see, your website is currently just an empty homepage because you have not edited it yet. NJIT doesn’t provide enough instructions on how to modify your website.

NOTE: By the way, before you read further, it is advised that you have little knowledge of HTML, because you will be editing the HTML code to modify your homepage. If you are not Computer or IT Major, you might find it difficult to understand the concepts discussed later in this article. Contact me at [email protected], if you want me to setup the website for you. I do charge a fee.

The instructions on the empty home page might be difficult to follow, as it asks you to download AFS for windows to access your H:\ folder provided by NJIT to you. You need to download AFS for windows if you are off campus. But, if you don’t want to go through all that hassle, there is an easier way. But, for this easy way you need to use a public computer at NJIT. For example, the computers in the Library or Computer Labs would get the work done. If you want to access your public folder off campus then go ahead and follow the instructions on how to download AFS for Windows (the instruction are on the empty homepage). If you need help, contact me.

Let’s go ahead with the easy way. Login in to a public computer with your UCID and AFS password. Go to your H:\ drive and find the index.html file. This is your empty homepage file. You can edit it in notepad. To do so, right click on the file and click open with notepad. Here, you can edit the HTML code.

Now, if you know HTML, you can easily code your website however you like. If you don’t, then you might need to contact me. You can also look up online for different html sample web templates that you can download and put it in the index.html file and save it, and you are basically done. Whenever you want to update your webpage just edit that index.html file and save it. The webpage would automatically get updated.

Thanks for reading! If you need any help make sure to contact me at [email protected]. Here is my website, which is still under construction:

If you want me to setup everything for you and teach you how to edit your webpage in the future, I will do that for a small fee.


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