Mar 16, 2016

Make Money Online by Downloading Apps on your Smartphone

make money online

Make Money Online – Smartphone Edition

Try googling the phrase ‘make money online’ and you would see hundreds and thousands of articles claiming that they know the secret behind making money online. More than 90% of these articles are scams. But, today I am going to show you the easiest and the safety method to make a few bucks just by downloading applications on your smartphone with the help of an app called Feature Points. It works on both iOS and Android!


Why it’s not a scam?

  • It is a trusted app on the app store.
  • There are not asking you for your credit card.
  • When you download an app, after using it for 1 minute you can uninstall it if you want and you will still get paid.
  • It’s completely free and I have personally used it to get Paypal Cash.

make money online

How it works?

This is basically a way of advertising new apps and games by different developers. They want you to download and test their apps and they’d pay you in return. Now, let me be clear about this! You’re not going to earn hundreds of dollars in day or anything like that. The amount of money you receive depends on the apps you download. Some pay more and some pay less. So the way it works is that you download this app called Feature Points and within the app you will be asked to download and try other apps. You will be given points for each app you download, which you can later trade for gift cards including PayPal cash. This app works worldwide, which means that your can make money online where ever you are right from your smartphone. I will again mention that you won’t make a ton of money; still, you can collect a couple of bucks just by downloading apps on your phone in your free time. Isn’t it easy and simple?


Referral System

Earn more by inviting other people like I am doing. I am not going to lie about it! If you download the app through this link:, you and I would both be given 50 bonus points. The referral system would also earn you more point when your referred person downloads an app.

And, that’s basically how you can easily and safely make money online! So, go ahead and download Feature Points and start making money online just by downloading apps on your smartphone.


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