Mar 16, 2016

How I made Google Cardboard for $10

google cardboard

DIY Google Cardboard

The Official Google Cardboard was only given to those 6000 people who attended the Google I/O 2014. Google is not selling these anywhere on their website. Instead, they uploaded the instructions on ‘how to make your own’ on their website, so that people can make their own. A lot of other companies followed these instruction and mass produced Google Cardboard so that the rest of the peoplecan also get their hands onto this amazing piece of cardboard. Websites like Dodocase and Unofficial Cardboard are selling these for $30. Now, you have to decide whether you want to buy the assembled kit for $30 or make your own for just $10.



1) Cardboard – FREE (If you are saying that you don’t have a piece of cardboard, then you are lying)

2) Lenses (40mm focal length) – $9.99 from ebay

3) Magnets (Optional, because VR experiments on Chrome doesn’t require the magnet clicker) – $1 from ebay

(If you have a couple of magnets lying around at home: Superb, you don’t have to buy them either. Also, you still be able to experience virtual reality on chrome that doesn’t require a magnetic clicker.

4) Template design for cardboard.

Basically, as you can see, you just have to spend some money on the lenses as is the most essential part of the build.



Instructions are simple! I have posted some pictures from my project to help you.

1) First, download the template, print it out and paste it on a piece of cardboard. (I used a cardboard box in which my laptop came and it came out to be perfect for this project)

google cardboard
2) Cut the cardboard accordingly and fold it as shown on
google cardboard
3) Add the lenses and the magnet and you are done. (Below is a picture of my cardboard. I am waiting for my lenses and magnets to arrive that’s why you don’t see them there. And, yes I covered mine with black tape!)
google cardboard


For more details, go to

Cutting Tips:

It took me about 2 hours to cut and assemble my Google Cardboard.

1) Be patient! (Don’t rush)
2) Ofcourse, you should use the sharpest cutter you have
3) Only use the cutter (X-acto knife) to cut those inner circles and small rectangles.
4) Use a Scissor to cut the outline.
5) Glue the template to the cardboard with a glue stick (This works well!).
6) That’s basically all! Just take your time..!!

Use the Cardboard app or try the Chrome Experiments to experience the crazy world of 3D Virtual Reality. You’ll be amazed on how you can easily turn your Smartphone into a VR headset by making this $10 accessory.

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