Mar 16, 2016

LG Watch Urbane | The Premium Android Wear

watch urbane

LG Watch Urbane

Android wear just started off recently and is not quite yet in everyone’s wrist. However, LG made another move on its smart watch series and introduced the LG Watch Urbane. LG believes that this particular smart watch would not only target the tech enthusiasts by making it a fashion statement.

Previous android wear devices have appeared to look more like a gadget around your wrist rather than a watch. Could be the whole point of owning an android wear for some though.

Enough of that, lets get into the LG Watch Urbane.



The design it self takes its inspiration from the G-Watch R. It wont be wrong to say that the LG Watch Urbane is twin brother of the R with a better fashion sense.

LG G-Watch R black

The G-Watch R

LG Watch Urbane Gold

The LG Watch Urbane












Contrary to the G-Watch R, we now have a 1.3″ circular display with all metal luxurious look added to it. Moreover, it has a 22mm leather strap to add to the premium finish of the watch. Colors available would be golden and silver, also shown in the picture above.

Juno Cho, CEO of LG stated:

“LG Watch Urbane is an important part of our strategy to develop wearable devices that are worn and viewed as everyday accessories, not electronic gadgets.”

In a nutshell, LG is trying to deliver a smart watch as an acceptable fashion accessory and not only a wearable tech through the LG Watch Urbane. Personally, I do believe that LG has done a good job with the looks on this one.



Coming to the geek stuff now. The LG Watch Urbane has 1.3″ P-OLED display with a resolution of 320×320, giving you a ppi of 245. So, yes the display is crisp enough for a smart watch.

It also packs in a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, running the new ubiquitous Android Wear operating system.


The year 2015 is indeed a hot market for a smart wearable. We will be seeing Apple’s version of a smart watch probably by April this year. Whats more fascinating is that swatch has also introduced a smart watch that would not require charging and can run on both iOS and Android. Clearly a, smart wearable is the next big thing.

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