Mar 16, 2016

LG G3 - First Impression is the Last Impression


First Impression on LG G3

Welcome to an exclusive first impression review of the LG G3, one of the most predicted phones of 2014. So let’s go and take a closer look at the features this beast is packed with.I was lucky enough to get my hands on to this device; you may be wondering that where in the world was I able to get to see this device as it hasn’t been released yet! Well, I went to a recent LG’s showcase event where I found this device was being showcased. Well, who care’s! Let’s get to business and talk about the actual device itself.



The specs on the LG G3 are top notch as it’s rocketing with a Snapdragon 801 quad-core chip, 3 GB of RAM (Yeah, freaking 3 gigs of RAM) and a 2560 by 1440 display that we’ll talk a lot about in a minute; all packaged in a really handsome body. In fact, my first thought when holding the LG G3 for the first time was that even though it is made of plastic, the body feels pretty nice in the hands and that it’s actually a pretty good looking phone. It is also of course a little bit lighter than the G2. It has the same back buttons as the G2 but there’s no LED notification at the back anymore, which kind of disappointed me a little bit.




The unreleased LG G3 also has a 5.5 inch 2560 X 1440 display, as I already stated which gives it a pixel density of 530 pixels per inch. In other words, this is an insanely sharp display which is surrounded by tiny bezels and a pretty small chin. So basically this 5.5 inch phone doesn’t feel that big at all. This device is fairly compact than many other 5.5 inch smartphones out there. Those thin bezels make it almost the same size as HTC One and Galaxy S5, even those they just have a 5 inch display.


Hardware (battery, SD card slot, camera)

There are some other nice hardware improvements made in the LG G3; including a 3000 mA removable battery behind that plastic back and a micro SD card slot for people who value removable storage It has a slightly new 13 megapixel camera with a few interesting improvements that includes optical image stabilization, a dual tone flash now, 4K video recording and 720 P slow-motion video recording at 120 frames per second. And, may favorite hardware improvement is the new laser auto-focus system that actually fires lasers and uses the reflections to sense and determine how far away the subject is super-fast and focuses there and takes a picture. Pretty cool!

The LG guy showcasing the LG G3 was nice enough to let me play with the phone for a bit and I think that the camera focuses pretty quickly and that the camera app itself was super simple, nice, quick and easy use. It also lets you take pictures by pressing one of the back buttons or even lets you take a selfie by clenching your fists on camera to start a countdown timer. Trust me, these minor things add up to make a great user friendly device. Lots of nifty stuff here but let’s go back to the display.


Display (cont.)

I really want to focus on the display because to have to see it in person to believe how incredibly LG G3’s display has been made. Many people have been talking about the display and whether or not they think LG would actually put it in a smartphone as it could hinder performance, reduce battery life, etc. The question here is would there be any cons to using such a high-resolution display in a smartphone. Technically, the display is not an issue but the content out there is. What I really mean by this is that the hardware is really ahead of the content and even LG software is barely catching up. It has some super high resolution wallpapers which LG specially made for this display and they look pretty impressive of course, and not to forget all LG’s assets, their icons, their stock apps and all that stuff is super high-resolution, but any other Android app, a game or a YouTube video or whatever it is still runs at 1080 P. So, eventually the content has to catch up to match the high tech display and processing power of LG G3. Maybe, this could be another step in that direction, who knows!


Are there any Cons?

Well, to be honest, I have played around with this device for about 2 hours during the showcase and I loved it. Normal performance seems pretty snappy, it is running the latest android version – 4.4 Kit Kat, everything from multitasking to opening and closing apps seemed fine and pretty fluid. Of course, I can’t tell the battery life yet but this is something we can predict by knowing that this beast has a 3000 mA Lithium Ion battery.Gaming performance even seemed fine to Asphalt 8 on the device at 1080 P.

Anyway, the only minor CON I actually did find in my time using the LG G3 was that after using it for a while the phone wouldn’t let me increase the brightness over a certain amount. I asked the super cool LG representative and he said that sometimes when the phone heats up a little bit, in order to cool down the graphics and processor it dims the display. An interesting little thing! But, I don’t know yet if it can become a problem over time or not. Obviously, it would happen rarely when you try to do graphic and processor intensive stuff on the phone.


Final Thoughts…

Finally, I’ll hope the apps get catch up here and get optimized for this particular high end phone when LG releases it. It is expected to be released in June 2014 (hopefully) and this could be one of those really influential Android devices like the Droid DNA was.I hope the release version is even better and user friendly. We’ll see that! But, these were my first impressions on the LG G3. Thank You!


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