Mar 16, 2016

LG G Watch: A great extension to Android Phones

lg g watch

LG G Watch

The first thing I would mention is that I would never buy a watch for $229. Doesn’t matter if it’s a smart watch! A watch for $229 is just not affordable for many people. Being a tech enthusiast, I decided to by the LG G watch on Black Friday when it was on sale for just $79. And, I thought if I didn’t like it, I would just sell it on eBay for a profit. But, after I got the watch and I started using it, I realized that selling the watch was no longer an option. I just simply love the watch for the price I paid! Let’s talk more about my experience with the watch after using it for about a week.

Feels Comfortable

One of my biggest concerns was: how the watch would feel on my wrist? Will it be too big, or too heavy? Being a ‘smart watch’, will it be uncomfortable on the wrist, unlike other simple watches? But, once I unboxed the watch and held it in my hands, I couldn’t believe how light it was. And, wasn’t bulky at all. So, I put the LG G Watch on my wrist and it felt very solid and fairly comfortable.

Battery Life is better than expected

My other main concern was the battery life on the watch. As soon as I unboxing the watch, I fully charged it so that I can begin testing the battery life on this mini machine. I turned Off the Theater Mode (Standby Mode) on the watch so it doesn’t go to sleep even when I am not using it (Just to test how long the battery would last). And, then I started to test different apps and started playing with the ‘OK Google’ voice functionality. At the end of the day the battery was still at 20%. That was amazing to me! I have been using this watch all day, and there was still some juice left at the end. That was impressive!

The next day I charged it again and let it sit on standby with just the clock showing. At the end of the day the watch had lost about 10%. Great Standby time with the watch face turned on.

Overall the battery life was good and better than my expectations. Charging the watch was the easiest thing. Just put it on the charging cradle and it starts charging!

Integrating with Tasker

Using the app called Wear Tasker, you can launch any Tasker ‘task’ through your watch. Read my article on Tasker here: The Best Android App – Tasker. You can basically control anything you want on your phone through the watch, either by using voice commands or by touching the screen.

For example, I made a task on Tasker which lets me take a picture on the person using my phone through the front facing camera, and then send that picture to me. I can say OK Google and tell my phone to do whatever I want using Tasker. The possibilities are endless!

How I use the watch on Daily Basis?

I mostly use it to quickly reply to a text message. When I am listening to music, it is so much easier to change the song or volume. At this moment, I have the following apps installed on my Android Wear watch.

lg g watch

Audio Record on Android Wear lets you record audio through the watch. Lock My Phone lets you lock your phone remotely through the watch. I will soon be writing a detailed article on top LG G Watch apps.

That was what I wanted to share about the LG G watch. Let me know in the comments below if you guys want me to write Tasker tutorial articles to explain how you can control anything on your phone through the LG G Watch.

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