Mar 16, 2016

iPhone 6 charges in Microwave – 7% in 3 seconds

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 – From 31% to 38% in 3 seconds

The first thing I would like to mention is that please don’t try this at home with your brand new iPhone 6 as you might destroy it and I won’t be responsible for that. So, you might have seen somewhere on the internet that there is a wave feature in the new iPhone 6 which lets you charge your iPhone 6 within seconds with micro-waves. Well, some people believe this and other’s like me thinks it’s just a hoax. Of course, I never believed that an iPhone 6 can be charged if you put it in a microwave oven, until I saw this video on YouTube by TechRax. This guy does smartphone destruction videos on his channel, therefore, he decided to verify if an iPhone 6 can be fast charged in a microwave oven. So, he put the iPhone 6 with 31% battery remaining in the microwave for 3 seconds and when he took it out you wouldn’t believe what happened. The battery charged from 31% to 38% in just 3 seconds. Now, to me this is pretty astonishing!


iphone 6


How the heck?

Of course, you won’t be able to fully charge it as you have to leave it in the microwave for a lot longer, which may destroy the internal components of the iPhone. Also, that ad on the internet that says that this new technology in iOS 8 called Wave is not true. The reason it worked in that video was because microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation which kind of charged the battery. It was luck that the battery in the iPhone didn’t blow up.  Still, it is pretty impressive! Watch the video below:

(Note: Don’t try this with your iPhone 6. This can be very dangerous and can cause a fire or explosion. It could also cause serious bodily harm and property damage. Therefore, it is not advisable to do this experiment)


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